5 Major Brands who are Using Display Packaging as Their Trump Card

Display Boxes are a unique solution for displaying objects formally. They can help to display stationery, key chains, bracelets, chocolates, and bakery items. They need to be displayed attractively to attract the attention of consumers. They come in various shapes and sizes. Different products require differently-shaped boxes. You may design them according to your ideas. Many companies use from 12pt cardboard to 24pt cardboard for their preparation. It depends on the products. They may also use the corrugated or kraft stock for their production. They consist of an active base panel covered with durable walls and a raised back panel. The raised back panel helps in the identification and marketing of the products present inside it. Following are five brands that are using them as their trump card.


Display packaging has an important role in the marketing and promotion of a company and its services. They display different objects attractively and win the attention of the consumers. Many companies use them to increase their customer count. Nespresso is producing and selling replacement pods for its coffee makers. It packages them inside attractive and charming display packaging. It uses bold and bright colors for its packaging. It creates imaginative shapes and styles for this purpose. It does not display the boxes containing the pods on shelves in many of its stores. Instead, it slots into dedicated spaces in the wall. It is a good way of using space. It also makes the packaging catchy and attracts the attention of consumers when they walk in. In some of its stores, such as the Paris store, there is an option of self-refilling. It helps to avoid unattractive half-empty shelves.

Nespresso has made a good name in the market due to its exclusive display packaging. It has attracted a lot of people to purchase. People love the uniqueness it offers.


Allbirds is a New Zealand-American company that designs and sells footwear. Its first shoe was the Wool Runner. They made it from superfine merino wool. This brand claims to be eco-friendly. It is a certified B Corporation. Like other brands, it has also earned a good name in the market due to its unique and attractive display schemes. It is shaking up the shoe scene in all manners and styles, including its move into offline retail. When it comes to its flagship stores, it has reduced the number of time customers spent waiting around. They put their newly designed packaging out on the floor of the shop. This is a key display feature instead of hidden in some background. They use coded colors for packaging. It helps their staff to quickly and easily find the right box. It also helps them look good on shelves.

They have revolutionized the way of displaying shoes. They have devised unique and elegant ways to display their shoes before the audience. They attract a massive number of people for purchase.

Eyecandy Belgium

It is a company located in Wijnegem, Belgium. It is producing and selling eyewear. It is a brand that helps to get eyewear of all kinds. They have developed an elegant and professional way of packaging to arrange and set out its products. Its packaging is the very heart of the retail store design. They produce glasses and package them inside attractive boxes. They come in different bright and vivid colors. They have not built shelves to set out glasses for consumers to see. Instead, they have developed a strategy to use the boxes themselves as shelves. They set out each pair of glasses on the box it comes in. It is a very strategic way of exhibiting your products. When people come to buy glasses, they take them off the shelf, and it becomes a bag. It becomes a nifty handle. 

It is an exciting and attractive way of packaging. It shows how creative you can be in making your display packaging unique and outstanding. It attracts the audience and convinces them to purchase.


Aesop is an international that produces and sells skincare products. Brazilian company Nature and Co. own this brand. In addition to skincare products, it is also producing hair care, soaps, and fragrances. Its stores have developed a unique interior design by the collaboration with various architects, designers, and artists. It is a king when it comes to visual merchandising. It has developed catchy and attractive retail stores. Its product packaging is so fascinating that it makes it recognizable. One of the best examples is the LA store. They have made their walls by using reclaimed cardboard tubing from fabric rolls. Its simple apothecary-style packaging helps it stand out among others. It is simple and vivid. They have developed unique and professional packaging designs for attracting the attention of consumers.

Claus Porto

It is a company that is creating Art with Fragrance since 1887. It is producing soaps, perfumes, colognes, grooming products, and lifestyle items. You can see the archway in Claus Porto’s New York store. It is stunning enough in its own right. It comes to life when they place skincare and perfumes on it. It has developed an alluring way of showing and exhibiting its products. They have used creative ideas to attract the attention of the consumers. They have developed faceted designs that act as readymade shelves. It’s a kind of packaging that takes on the effect of a museum display. They develop it in various bold and bright colors. They attract the attention of consumers. It draws your eyes over architecture. It has made a good name in the market due to its exclusive and unique packaging. People love its styles and purchase its products happily.

Display boxes are becoming popular due to their many advantages. They help to store and exhibit beautiful products attractively. They hold them and present them before the audience. Many brands have developed creative and imaginative ways to set out and arrange their commodities in their stores. Unique and exclusive ideas help to draw the attention of the people.

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