7 Not so known Twitter Marketing Hacks

What if you get 10,000 followers for your Twitter account effortlessly! Shocking right? In this post, you will get to learn about the seven not so known Twitter marketing hacks which do not require much-complicated Twitter unfollow tools or knowledge. As with the increasing Twitter-sphere, we need to know about the latest Twitter hacks that can cater to you with amazing business insights.

With more than 6000 tweets every second on the massive platform, few tricks and tips will help you in getting the attention of the desired audience. Make sure you do not miss any trick and optimize your tweets and Twitter accounts with all of them.

7 Understand yet effective Twitter Marketing Hacks

Follow the seven Twitter marketing hacks mentioned below and also learn how to delete old tweets as keeping them in your Twitter account for long may reduce the engagement insights.

  1. Add emoji to your tweets and Twitter bio: Isn’t that very simple to do. Well, the only tough thing here is to add an emoji from your desktop. But we have made that too simple with these steps. Emojis are a great way to get the attention of the audience and in gaining followers too. To add emojis from your desktop, place your cursor in any text fields, and then hold control + command + space bar at once.
  1. Just pin a tweet to the top of your profile: Ever tried to know what the average life of a tweet is? It is just 24 minutes. And after that, you never know who would be able to reach your tweet. Therefore, pinning a tweet will help people in knowing about your recent activity and your personality or the nature of the brand too.
  1. Use Twitterunfollow tools to get rid of unknown or unwanted audiences: There are many Twitterunfollow tools that you can use and enhance your Twitter bio. This will also help in focusing on the audience that loves to engage with you.
  1. Add color to your profile, as no one likes to stay longer at a boring, dull looking Twitter profile. Adding some gorgeous, stunning colors will help to make your Twitter profile in looking more attractive and will ultimately result in getting more followers.
  1. Delete your older tweets: Many business accounts do not know how to delete old tweets, despite the fact the task is easy to perform. Deleting your old tweets will make your account look more optimized.
  1. Track your competitors without following them: This is a great idea to keep an eye on your competitor and to beat their strategies with yours. Also, this will result in bringing its audience to your business.
  1. Embedding a tweet is also a great Twitter marketing hack: You can also embed your profile tweets on your website or blogs. This way, you will drive traffic to your business from other social media platforms in the one-way method.


These days a lot of Twitter tools and other social media tools are available in the market. simply get your hands on them and enhance the productivity of your Twitter account with these tools. Also, try out these amazing Twitter marketing hacks and drive insane sales for your business.

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