A Golfing Break in Australia

Golf buggies are designed to drive around the course and transport golfers and their accessories from one location to another. However, like other vehicles, a golf cart cannot last forever if its original parts are left intact. Its various parts are subject to abrasion over time and depending on the frequency of use. This indicates the importance of owning or purchasing golf buggies australia parts.

Any seasoned golfer will never fail to recognize the need for a golf cart for the gaming experience they have dreamed of. This is because the buggy takes over the load and is also responsible for transporting both the golfer and golf accessories to each hole, as well as anywhere else. Most golfers are considering purchasing some accessories for their buggy to improve the overall functionality and / or appearance of the vehicle.

Of course, the golf market is full of all kinds of accessories. All you have to do is choose the right collection for your buggy make and model. Regardless of the type or model of your electric golf caddy, some accessories are essential to improve performance in bad weather conditions with the right protection.

Here are four of these golf cart accessories.


Golf carts generally operate at different speed levels, but the same speed can appear abnormal in windy or rainy conditions. While it can rain a lot, the wind can make travel difficult. To avoid these problems, you need to have a windshield. When properly mounted on a stroller, it simply protects the occupants from the elements.

There are different types of windshield available, such as fixed and portable (removable). Many of them are also uniquely designed to protect a particular buggy. This indicates the need to check the buggy requirements before choosing a windshield.

Board overlays

These covers not only protect the body of the stroller, but also give it a modern look. Many come with closed glove compartments and cup holders. However, unlike windshields, they are brand specific, which means you should buy one that is made exclusively for your specific buggy.


It is obvious to the golfer that he is investing a significant amount of money in golf clubs, which is a vital asset for any golfer. Well, it is important to protect these golf clubs from elements like dirt and rain. The best way to do this is by installing a retractable hood attachment. Once it starts to rain, all you have to do is remove the hood to protect the poles.

Storage lid

This accessory is designed to protect the stroller when not in use. A storage lid protects the stroller from annoying pets, hail, and sunlight. While these covers will fit any buggy, it is wise to check your buggy’s requirements for that accessory.

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