All about fake eyelashes!

Makeup has become a great part of women’s lives. Plus, it is not about just one brand or one item. It includes several things that are needed to complete your perfect, appealing makeup.

While picking up stuff for your makeup you should know what you’re picking, what are the odds, how it’s done right.

This article sums up a few important things about a makeup extension which seems to be easy going but is a troublemaker in real and that’s ‘false eyelashes’. Go through & read carefully.

What are Fake eyelashes?

False or Fake eyelashes are basically makeup extensions used to make your lashes look long, curly, shinier or glossier, and full of volume. The common and easily available eyelashes are silk, mink, human, or horsehair. You may also look for faux mink lashes. They are of superior quality made with the intention to imitate the real mink lashes.

What facts you must consider?

  1. Quality of product

Be it extensions or regular makeup products, you should never compromise with the quality. Poor- quality things can damage the natural lashes, hair, and skin really bad. In the case of eyelash extensions, if you wear low-quality products then you’re going to be in trouble. They can mess a lot with your eyes, some common issues are irritability, redness, or maybe dryness.

  • What goes with your eyes

Always remember, it’s always smart to buy the lashes that fit right with your eyes. You can also trim them later according to your eye shape but it’s a messy business, one mistake and you lose your falsies! You can start by knowing about what eye shape you have. Plus, what can complement your eye color, face. You should also be careful whether you have any allergy & of course your tolerance (how long you can keep up with them).

How to apply fake lashes?

  1. Before moving to the process, it is very necessary to identify the shape of your eye so that you find your ideal lashes.
  • Now, if you have picked up your falsies, with an oil-free cleanser or oil-free eye makeup remover, clean your eyelids. It is optional to apply mascara or liner after cleaning.
  • Trim the lashes so that they fit the size of your eyes perfectly. (Always pull the lashes out of the box very carefully because a little negligence here could damage them easily. You can also use a pair of tweezers in order to take them out.)
  • Now comes the tricky, messy, and sticky-ish part i.e. applying glue to your falsies. Dot a layer of glue as thin as you can on the vein of the lashes. Applying too much glue can make it visible and ugly. Plus, don’t let the glue come in contact with your natural lashes. Let it rest for at least 30 seconds.
  • Now, start applying your eyelashes by looking down and gently press on the inner and outer corners.
  • Let it rest again for a few seconds, then curl it up with the help of an eye curler. You can also apply mascara and liner for blending it perfectly.

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