Baby Care Products and Their Qualities

In this time, where adulteration has become a usual thing, it is very important to pay attention to know what ingredients or materials your product is made of so that you can keep yourself away from troubles. Speaking of baby care products, nowadays, parents are very selective. They want to make sure that they select the products that are chemical-free and cause no harm.

Now the question is how to pick the ideal products or what brands you should prefer? One should always be careful while picking skincare products for the baby because you don’t know how sensitive your newborn baby’s skin is or what suits him/her the best? Read this article to know about some baby care products and what qualities should they have.

  • ●    Body Lotions

Baby skin is so gentle, soft, and delicate that it is not fair plus safe to use body lotions that irritate the skin. A baby’s skin is very sensitive to fragrances, harsh chemicals, and dyes. While selecting the lotion it is recommended to first go through the ingredients. Preferably go for the products that are made of purposeful, natural ingredients, contain no harsh chemicals, sulfates, or dyes, ensures 24-hours moisturization & combat dryness, cracking, flaking, irritation, and is also alcohol-free.

  • ●    Nail Scissors

Cutting nails is one of the important things that lead to keep your baby hygienic. But their nails are so delicate & tiny that it is no easy job to cut them off. There’s always a risk with using regular scissors or nail cutters. To avoid these risks, the baby care products manufacturing companies came up with nail scissors that are small in size, have round tips to prevent accidental piercing, and most importantly equipped with wider handles that make it fit in your hands easily so there’s no way of slipping off hence ensures full safety. (click here for pigeon baby nail scissors)

  • ●    Brushes & Combs

There’s no specific age to start combing a baby’s hair. You can start doing it anytime but it is very important to use the right kind of brush and comb. For infants, brushes with soft bristles are recommended. A little hair pulling or not so gentle way of brushing might irritate or even hurt your baby. Do not ever use your regular combs.

  • ●    Soap and Shampoos

Bathing a baby regularly helps keep them clean and hygienic. But one must use the premium quality products and better be careful. Like body lotions, a soap should also be chemical-free and made of natural ingredients. Some top-rated soap brands are MeeMee, Dove, Pigeon, Himalaya, and Johnson’s baby.

  • ●    Wet Cleaning Wipes

There are times when the little trouble-makers get themselves into the messy business and it is clearly not safe for them to spend much time like this. In that case, you have to keep cleaning them. But is it right to use harsh clothes? Big no! They can result in causing irritation and redness.

It is always recommended to use wet wipes which are made of fabrics like silk, cotton, polyester, and wool. They are soft and gentle to the skin plus contains a pleasant, scented odor.

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