At this point, we are all aware of the pandemic that stopped the world. The mutant Corona virus is spreading exponentially and the death toll is increasing day by day, negatively affecting the economies of the affected countries.

This is the worst shutdown in the last decade and has impacted our digital marketing community as well. As individuals, we can only stay at home. But as marketers, we can do much more. We can inform people, raise awareness, engage our audience, or simply be in need for them.

In fact, however, it is the Internet and the modern online solutions used that can help companies survive on the market at this extremely difficult time.

Many companies have been working remotely for some months. Outside of marketing, life as we know it has changed dramatically and this has done from my point of view, free up a lot of money in the marketing budget.

In India, the production structure is represented for the most part by small and medium-sized enterprises and by a smaller slice of multinationals and large companies.

There are many SMEs that prefer to prioritize production activities rather than the integration of resources and innovation projects. These are companies whose focus is on achieving short-term economic results and in which it is difficult to measure the performance of assets in the medium and long term.

With the advent of Covid-19, many entrepreneurs have decided to launch important phases of digital innovation within their companies.

Double your SEO budget

Again, this may seem counterintuitive to some of you, but it’s actually a genius marketing strategy. Investing in SEO now that everyone else is cutting their SEO budgets will give you a competitive advantage later on.

This is a good time to build backlinks by writing posts on current and relevant topics. Strengthen your backlink profile as competitors wait for the crisis to end. Also improve the technical and SEO of the website and use your time working from home. Use the extra time you have now to work on SEO and profit from it later.

If your company is new to SEO or already has a positioning strategy, now is a great time to work hard. SEO is a long-term marketing and lead generation strategy, which usually produces results over time and the reorganization of the website, must start now.

The benefits of SEO are many. Help your site find the engines faster; generate quality leads through organic traffic, help your company keep up with online competitors. So, if you have started a new company then you need a trustworthy companion who can lead your business website towards the success and Ducima Analytics Private Limited is the name.

Regardless of the industry, think about things that can help your target customer segment. Think of it as a long-term marketing strategy, not short-term. You need to earn the trust of your prospects in times of crisis, and that will be beneficial later.

Invest in Social Media

One of the most important things for businesses is to increase the frequency of communication with customers and their community. Sharing your story and experience through social media is one way to ensure customers feel important.

Now more than ever, businesses should increase in empathy and social media is a perfect place to communicate. In addition to communication, social media are an effective tool in web marketing strategy.

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