Giant inflatables are one of the newest additions to the world of advertising. It can be made into unique structures and can depict the features of any company. These are constantly moving structures, which will attract the eye of both young and adults. Many companies are preferring to depict their theme, slogan, or specific products on such inflatables. Here are some points that depict how the giant inflatables are made.

Materials used to make giant inflatables

Generally, many companies prefer to make large cold-air inflatables from nylon coated with vinyl. The weight of the nylon can vary from 7 oz./ square yard to 18 oz./square yard. Polyvinyl carbon, also known as PVC, can also be used to make inflatables for various thicknesses. Such inflatables differ from the helium, or the hot air driven balloons in the materials that are used to make them since these in-air balloons are made from nylon that has a special coating.

Waterproof nature of the inflatables

Although certain inflatables are demonstrated on water surfaces, not all inflatables are waterproof. The water leaking condition is due to the stitch holes that are generated during the sewing process of these giant inflatables. Otherwise, the materials that are used in these inflatables are mostly waterproof. However, these stitch holes can be welded so that they do not leak water. Such waterproof material-based inflatable is mainly used in lakes, ponds, swimming pools, etc.

How to inflate the inflatable?

Since the inflatable looks like a balloon, it can be inflated by blowing air into it. However, do not try to do it manually since it will require a lot of air, much more than what your lungs can contain. An air pump is generally used to inflate the inflatables. You can also install an inflation fan inside the inflatable. Otherwise, you can blow air into a sealed inflatable for once, and it will remain inflated for several years.

How long does the inflatables last

The duration of the inflatables depends on the materials and the process involved in the manufacture of it. The inflatable balloon will remain inflated as long as the inflation fan inside it is running, and such a condition can continue for months. If you are using a sealed inflatable, it can stay in a protected environment for years. Your inflatable will last longer depending on your design, how you use, and the climate to which it is exposed.   

Giant inflatables are considered to be wonderful ways to demonstrate your idea. Get one for yourself and let the world know what you think.