Cleaning is never fun for anyone, especially the person who gets paid for it. Yeah. It’s so true. We wish to keep our houses clean and hygienic. For that reason, we put effort and somehow manage to clean it by heart as we love our places to be uninfected. So we invest our utmost efforts merely to retain a clean house. But the maids are never attached to the place. They do their jobs for personal pursuits. So they choose to escape tendencies over sincerely completing their jobs.

It’s the owner who is supposed to keep an eye on them. Still, they manage to skip inserting efforts sincerely by delaying their tasks. But analyzing our routines now, it is almost impossible to do the cleaning by ourselves. So it is better to find a way to get a maid to satisfy cleaning services fastly.

Tips for training your maid to satisfy cleaning speedily

It is tough to find a cleaning service provider in areas like VA Manassas, Woodbridge, VA Alexandria, VA Dumfries, VA Stafford VA, etc. There is barely any credible cleaning services agency.  Likely, it is hard to find a reliable maid these days and even harder to get her to do the cleaning properly and swiftly.

As we know, everyone is running short of time, so we have come up with some valuable tips to get a maid to satisfy cleaning faster.

Here are these 7 useful ways to guide your cleaning servant so they can do their jobs swiftly in hassle-free manners.

  1. Organize your routine tasks to have scheduled cleaning

Organizing your task can actually help your maid to perform manageably. It might sound odd to you. To clarify your confusion, let me explain it to you. As we all know, there is some task that can be delayed or referred as weekly tasks, like cleaning fans, clearing gallery, garden, roof, stairs, kitchen cabinets, or even washing clothes. You can keep these tasks beside your routine tasks. So the maid would perform it twice or thrice a week. Thus, this way the cleaning won’t be a burden for your maid and she can actively and sincerely perform her daily job.

  1. Clear the clutter around to avoid wasting time

You have to supervise your cleaning servant throughout her job. To instruct her to clear the mess around every corner of your house. Cleaning would become easy that way. Picking up the mess during sweeping can elongates the cleaning time. So make her pick up the clutter from every corner of the house before she starts cleaning.

  1. Have hygienic cleaning tools

Cleaning is of no use if it does not make your place hygienic. Use a disinfectant for your cleaning tools. Like mop, brush, cleaning cloth, duster, you should be clean them first. Sprinkle soda on your carpets before you use a vacuum cleaner. Also, complete the cleaning tools that would help you to do tasks with ease.

  1. Sweeping followed by mopping

When your maid has clear the mess, the next step should be sweeping. Brush off your house at once. It will save time. After vacuuming, instruct her to clear the dustbins and put the garbage in a separate bag. After that, tell her to do mopping with a clean and properly washed mop for healthy cleaning.

  1. Divide your tasks

Before you instruct her, make a cleaning schedule and tell her to follow the order. Like, before doing other house chores, make her wash dishes in the kitchen and wipe out the slab. Now instruct her to clear the mess and then dusting. After this, she can perform sweeping and mopping. The washrooms should be cleaned in the end.

  1. Dusting and disinfecting

With proper dusting, you can make a healthy environment. In this way, the surfaces will be wiped out of dust. Dust contains bacterias and viruses that are hazardous for health. With dusting, ensure proper disinfecting of exposed surfaces. Make every corner of your house cleaned with a disinfectant as the environment is a bit rusty at the VA Dumfries, VA Triangle, VA Springfield, VA Lake Ridge, VA Fairfax, VA Burke, etc. Make your maid satisfy disinfecting and cleaning for hygienic purposes.

  1. Kitchen area and washroom cleaning

The trickiest house chore is proper cleaning of the kitchen and washrooms. Wash out the dishes and sink before she does anything else. Now clean the cabinets and slab and clean the floor. Use a bathroom cleaner. Basin and bathroom tub should be adequately scrubbed. Directly pour out the cleaner, and brush the brush with the hand cleaning brush.

Final words

Cleaning can be performed fastly if you follow an organized order. It will set up a routine for your maid, and with time she will be adjusted. Such routines are adequate to make your maid satisfy cleaning.