As the popularity of trading in stocks and shares increases day by day, people tend to harness more and more investment. Even though the stock market is the riskiest place to invest, this fact cannot hinder the view of potential investments and returns. One of the reasons why people are hell-bent on investing in the stock market is the compounding effect on the stocks. As the prices of shares are subject to rising and fall, people are likely to grab the opportunity. It is like leveraging the growth in different sectors, as a result, is profit with a subtle taste of loss. Several exchange boards regulate the trading of stocks, shares, securities and commodities. One of which is NASDAQ, a global market place where buying and selling of shares take place via computer and telecommunication services. Similarly, Microsoft Corporation, the American multinational technology company is registered under the ticker as NASDAQ: MSFT.

NASDAQ,the New York-based exchange board:

Afterbeing separated from NASD in 2006, it collaborated with the Scandinavian groupOMX in to become NASDAQ OMX group in 2006. Under the influence of rapid changesin technology, NASDAQ faced global metamorphosis. People prefer to trade in theNASDAQ exchange due to its lower listing fees and the minimal requirements toget qualified for listing. Also, the trade takes place electronically, which isa much faster way in contrast to the traditional floor of the exchange. 

Microsoft,the avenue for more significant investments:

At NASDAQ: MSFT at is one of the largesttech-giants dealing in personal computing devices, cloud systems and services,software and several other products. The wellspring of the company is its

productivity and business processes. Also its, intelligent cloud, and itsomnipresent computing enabled by the public cloud and Artificial Intelligence.Users get concurring insights and experiences delivered by quick responsive andcontextually aware apps. The revenue from the Intelligent cloud stood at $11.9Billion in the last December quarter. The 4th quarter results have surpassedthe expectations by notches.

Effectsof the COVID-19:

Duringthe pandemic, the company’s situation was a bit worse when the lockdown urgedthe closing of all the physical offices. The only spring of revenue was itscloud services which included Azure. The current price is quoted at $ 211.49 with an increment of 0.58%.

Thestocks of the company have made quite a remark as the demand for video games,software, and cloud services, notably, Azure increased by top margins globally.There was a significant growth of 35%. Even though Microsoft is 4.3% below itsall-time high of $190.70, it is overvalued due to its increased EP ratio. Forthe long term, the stocks are worthy of investment, albeit, for a short time itis negotiable.  You can check more stock information from premarket data.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.