Every one of us might be a victim of hair fall. You could be wondering that the hair is falling due to seasonal change. Trust me you are confronting yourself and no one else. A lot of reasons can be attributed due to hair fall and all of them does not relate to seasonal change. The use of an anti-dandruff medical shampoo in India might ensure instant results.

A trend that emerges is that most people face loss of hair due to dandruff. Be aware that dandruff is not a single reason for hair loss but it is supplemented with scratching then the fall of hair is due to the scratching aspect. The moment you scratch your hair there is bound to hair fall. Though most of us tend to ignore the warning signs associated with the same it is important that you act on it at the earliest. There is an urgent need to keep the issue of dandruff away.

Hair fall and their link to dandruff

Time and time again it has been mentioned that hair fall is not directly related to dandruff. Everyone is bound to shred some strands of hair daily and when it is 50 to 100 it is normal. But if it is more than that it might turn out to be a cause of concern. Once a person suffers from dandruff the fall of hair is at a faster pace. One of the major issues with dandruff is that it weakens the hair from inside.

Take stock of your lifestyle habits

Stress is going to worsen your hair and along with it dandruff issues. It is necessary that you get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep daily and avoid extreme temperatures. Similarly you should be allowing your hair to air dry. The lesser you are going to stretch and pull it the firm roots might turn out.  Makes sure that you stay away from hair gel or any medications that lead to excessive hair fall.

Take note of the fact lesser the stress less appears to be hair fall. If you are looking to become stress free you can incorporate yoga along with medication as part of your daily routine. This is going to be of considerable help to your mental health and physical health.

Hair clean up Ensure that you rinse your hair three times a week. If the hair is prone to exposure of dust along with pollution then three times is necessary. Even using a medical shampoo for dandruff India is suggested. Take note of the fact that a clean scalp is the enemy of dandruff. If you are allergic to any type of shampoo opt for the natural ones. The objective is to ensure that the hair is as clean as possible. If you feel that you are not able to clean your hair properly it is better to visit a hair clinic and they would help you clean the hair.