Choosing the Best Health Insurance? This is the criteria

One of the things you should think about when deciding to start your own business and stop working, is the cost of health. How to pay for it? One way is to take out health insurance.

Before choosing the best insurance, we should first identify what is meant by Health Insurance.

Health insurance is different from critical illness insurance. Critical illness insurance provides cash compensation if you suffer from certain critical illnesses.

Cash compensation is given once on a lump-sum basis or premium payment at once. Before looking at each offer, it is better if we first discuss what the ideal criteria are.

Best Health Insurance Criteria

According to various literatures and opinions of financial planners (what and how financial planners work, see here), these are things that should be considered.

1. Non-Cash Payment (Cashless)

By using this feature, claim reimbursement will be easier. When you enter the hospital, you don’t need to pay, but simply settle the bill by swiping your insurance card.

There is no need to pay in advance, which then still has to be reimbursed to insurance (reimbursement).

However, this feature requires that the hospital where you are treated has collaborated with the insurance because the hospital must have and install a machine to swipe an insurance card.

If there is no cooperation, even though Best Fire insurance Companies In US has a claim system like this, you are forced to still pay in advance and then settle with a reimbursement.

2. Ceiling and Premiums According to Needs and Abilities

If the scheme taken is lower, when you are hospitalized, you have to pay additional costs to cover the shortfall that is not covered by insurance. Of course, the height of the ceiling is directly related to the amount of the premium.

The more expensive the hospital room, the higher the premium price to be paid.

Adjust the premium according to your ability, don’t end up burdening your finances. Must be ready to trade-off between premium and ceiling.

Even though it is often not easy, because of health problems, for example choosing a hospital room, people are more emotional and tend to want to be comfortable and nice, which implies expensive room prices.

Ideally, the health insurance ceiling is chosen according to your wishes and abilities.

3. Without Limit Per Treatment

There is a limit or ceiling that limits the maximum number of claims for medical expenses.

Generally, insurance applies two types of limits, the first is the combined limit of all treatments and the second is the limit per treatment.

For example, the first limit limits the combined cost of all treatment to IDR 250 million a year, while the second limit limits surgical treatment costs of IDR 10 million a year, consultation fees of IDR 10 million a year and so on.

There are insurers that only use the first limit, some are only the second limit and some use both limits simultaneously.

We recommend that you choose insurance that applies the first limit, or in other words, it does not limit the cost per treatment.

This means that flexible policyholders seek various treatments as long as the total limit is still there. Insurance that limits the first and second limits is, of course, the least ideal.

4. Prioritize Hospitalization

Health costs include outpatient and inpatient care. We recommend that you focus on insurance that covers the cost of hospitalization because this treatment costs the most. If you have more money, you can take out additional outpatient insurance.

5. Waiting Period for Disease

Cigna determined that the following diseases could only be claimed 12 months later, namely asthma; TB (Tuberculosis); kidney, urinary tract and bladder stones; high blood pressure (hypertension).  Ask the insurance company what is the waiting period and for how long.

6. Pay attention to credit card auto debit payments

Although it seems easier and usually the premium is paid monthly (so it looks lighter), please be careful -careful to make payments with credit card auto-debit


If you are forced to use this method because insurance does not provide other payment alternatives, make sure you know when the payment starts and how the process is if you want to stop.

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