Coliving vs PG Accomodation: Which is a better option for the student community?

Coliving Spaces have become the talk of the town in the recent years. Whether you are a student or working professional who’s planning to move out of their hometown for study or work purposes, then you might get searching for the best living space with affordable amenities along. Before you finally move out of your home, do a thorough research with all living options. Generally, you will find hotels or PG accomodation options but these spaces fail to offer the best of facilities and experiences during your stay. If you are confused about which option to choose among these two, then the below listed points can help you to make the best decision.


This is one of the most important factors to be kept in mind while choosing between a PG accomodation and Coliving Space. PGs are economical but have to take care of a lot of expenses which don’t come under the fee. On the other side, Coliving Spaces charge one fee which includes all amenities, Members don’t have to take any sought of stress for different kinds of expenses. Thus, students get to skip greedy landlords, exorbitant rent amounts, huge security deposits and low standards of living experience.


In a PG in Gurgaon, there are many restrictions bound on the members.  For example: Rules for cooking in the kitchen as per your liking, adapting with the slow internet connection, unhygienic washrooms, low standard of living and other such problems. On the other hand, Coliving Spaces offer the best of living experiences with their super comfortable amenities. There is no need for the member community to compromise on any such thing. Common kitchen area is always stocked up with food. Rooms are always upto the mark with a comfortable lounge area and high speed internet connection.


As you stay increases in a PG accommodation, so your bill.  Furthermore, there are additional tax amounts and GST bills to be paid. But in a coliving space, there is no kind of tension, Your monthly bill includes all facilities like wifi connection, housekeeping, kitchen area and more.

Food facilities

PG accommodations are mostly known for their tasteless food services. They only run for money purpose and not providing quality. Thus, the student community prefers to binge on food outside and thus increase their monthly expenditure. On the other hand, coliving spaces come with a common kitchen area and sometimes with a cook as well. There is no restriction as to what you can also cook as per your liking with facilities like gas, utensils available easily.


Privacy is something which we all love to get. There’s hardly any privacy which comes along with PG accomodations. On the other side, coliving spaces are different. i.e. they offer a perfect balance of both privacy and community living experiences. Members get to enjoy their privacy with fully furnished and personal spaces. 

To conclude, Coliving Spaces are truly promising and a ray of hope for the student and working professional community. Keeping all factors in mind, coliving spaces are better off than their PG accomodation counterparts.

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