The COVID-19 pandemic has not only choked many lives across the globe but has also puzzled our life cycle with great frequency during this lockdown. We’re now well-informed with the fact that too much of everything is toxic that we are experiencing from the last 4 – 5 months. 

It’s evident that self- isolation or quarantine is one of the greatest keys to steer clear your way from this virus, but on the dark end this has pushed up the curve of depression, stress, and anxiety that are as deadly as this virus we’re battling with.

If you’ve kids at home you know the havoc they’re playing with during your working hours at home. Being a part of one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah, I sensed that this was a call of duty to address how you can make your child engage in myriad productive activities that also have some hidden life lessons in it. 

Exercise with your kids at home 

   Curating a healthy exercising routine with your kids will make your child less restless, and will also detoxify your body and mind. Establishing such routines will have a positive impact on your child. How to get started? Start from scratch, looking for beginners online workout tutorials such as Zumba, cross- running, Tabata, etc. 

Let them nurture a new space of interest

 Encourage your child to nurture a new hobby during this lockdown period. Experiments in different fields of interest will work as an escape window from stress and anxiety for your child. You never know what the future has stored in your child. 

Involve them in household activities

” Cleanliness is a symbol of pure mind”, involving them in household activities will pour an emotion of gratitude and self- sufficiency in your child. Engage them in little chores, like dusting, folding clothes, and cleaning the room.

Like skills, activities will be a cherry on top 

 life skills education has slowly faded out with time that is hard to find in any institutional syllabus. But, it’s crucial to teach them how they can nurture their freedom with life skills activities such as fixing a bulb or stick a button.

Spend some good time with your child-

You might have an excuse for juggling between work, family, and responsibilities, where the balance is tilted in the wrong place. But, make the best out of this time to re-establish equilibrium between your work life and your child. Watch family movies, curate a cooking competition, play indoor games, and what not! After all, you know what your child loves the most! This is the only chance you have to knit some happy family moments. 

So from the heart of ASPAM IIS, one of the best schools in Sharjah, I felt honored that you might get what you looking for to make your little devil engage in something productive this lockdown. You can bring the school atmosphere at home by adhering to some of the easy-peasy tips that your child will surely love to do! Believe me! Your home could be the best school in the world, and you could be the best teacher of all times!