Everything You Need To Know About Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

The magnitude of the obstacle of addiction could only be known by those who are affected by it. Other than the addict himself, it’s the very family of the addict that goes on to bear the brunt of dangerous ailment. 

So, if you are someone who is looking for Alcohol rehabilitation Centre in Pune, then continue reading this guide.

Vision Of The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

Their vision is to emerge as an identified leader in the treatment of addiction to alcohol by offering a high-quality and affordable rehabilitation & deaddiction program.


The mission is to supply personalized care to every individual who goes on to join the family and assist ’em to attain sobriety through the complete rehabilitation & de-addiction program.

They use the World Health Organisation recommended 12-Step therapy process to attain complete abstention from alcohol or drug abuse. It’s regarded as the most efficient therapy for addiction, as it’s a holistic program focussed on healing the mind, spirit, and body. It assists addicts not just through the therapy process but even enables them to opt for a new form of life that encourages ’em throughout their abstinence & recovery.

Facilities at Alcohol rehabilitation Centre

  • 24×7 in-house care team
  • Experienced therapist &counselors 
  • Psychiatrists, nutritionists, dentists, and several other inspecting and on-call professionals
  • Private & safe environment
  • Homely environment
  • Hot water
  • Dormitories with an attached bath
  • Non-veg & veg menu
  • Indoor games
  • Satellite tv
  • A panel of pharmaceutical & psychiatric team
  • Neat and contemporary living area
  • Cctv monitoring 24×7 
  • Outdoor activities such as bird watching, volunteering for watering and planting saplings, walking in a forest

Why Choose Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

  • Treatment Plan

They take a 360° view of the addict’s background, including the length & type of drug abuse, family dynamics, health condition, and social difficulties. This info is utilized to structure the treatment program providing the best chance for rehabilitation and recovery.

  • A lot more than just the treatment

Treating issues related to the physical addiction to drugs/alcohol/substances is only the first step. The actual difficulty is to assist the people to rediscover the old selves. Their relationship doesn’t end with the discharge from a program. They become a crucial part of the addiction-free life.

  • Support of Family 

Addiction is nothing but a disorder that goes on to affect the whole family alongside the addicts. It’s only genetic for the families of the addicts to feel helpless and unsupported. Misplaced guilt, shame & blame engulfs the family and makes it a little difficult for ’em to make the correct decision and choices.

  • It’s Home To Many

They eat together, live together, and enjoy together. It’s a home that is away from their actual home. They instill the same value of living as the family – caring, sharing, and supporting one another. 

They create an ambiance where people go on to develop a sense of belonging where everyone is thoroughly content and smiling. To know further, you may look over the web and gather more info.

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