Everything you should know about the Rolling Shutters

Roller shutters have a deterrent effect on burglars and are therefore good security. Roller shutters can also be provided with the so-called ‘anti-lifting’. This means that when someone tries to lift the roller shutter, it automatically blocks. By purchasing additional security options, the risk of burglary is reduced and you can live safely. You can opt for burglar-resistant for home and burglar-resistant for shop solutions.

Shop security with shutters

Not only homes but also shops can be secured with roller shutters. Shops in a shopping street can be easily secured with aluminum roller shutters, while for shops in a shopping center it is advisable to use so-called open fronts that can be secured with steel roller gates.

In both cases there are conditions set by the police and the municipality. For example, it is argued that there must be fully or partially open armor so that emergency services can look inside at all times before entering a room.

How is the price of roller shutters determined?

The rolling shutter price in Hyderabad is determined by the material, size, operation and method of installation. The material we recommend is high-quality aluminum from the best rolling shutter manufacturer in Hyderabad.


The risk of inferior materials is that roller shutters will eventually wear, jam, oxidize and jam due to deflection of the armor on wider versions. It goes without saying that the size influences the price, the bigger and / or wider the more expensive.

Operation of the roller shutter

The operation also provides options. The cheapest option is manual operation by means of lifting the shutter by manpower. You may be familiar with these manual shutter systems, they are widely used in India.

For greater ease of use, choose operation with a motor. There are various manufacturers that seem more interesting from a price point of view, the automatic rolling shutters made with aluminum offer durability and a lot of expansion options. It is important that a motor is smooth, fast, quiet and low-maintenance so that it always contributes to your living and working comfort.

With a roller shutter with remote control, you can choose from a remote control with one or more channels. With a multi-channel remote control you can divide your shutters into groups and control them individually or simultaneously.

Warranty on shutters

A roller shutter is a purchase for the longer term. It is therefore nice that the quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer for a longer period of time. All value is for money and that certainly applies to shutters. Choose products with a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 5 years. You can often make an appointment with your supplier for periodic maintenance and service during the manufacturer’s warranty period. This way you can be sure that your roller shutter is always in good condition and functioning.

Think in advance why you want a roller shutter. The main reason is important in the choice. Find out how important ease of use is for you. Then choose the operation that suits you. Roller shutters will last at least 20 years, so make a well-considered choice because breaking a good roller shutter is a shame.

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