During this pandemic period, everybody is using sanitizer to kill the germs. We should always wash our hands for nearly 20 seconds to kill the germs. When we eat food, we consume these germs and suffer from illness or diseases. So, we should always disinfect our hands using sanitizers or washing our hands frequently to kill the germs. We should use the best sanitizer in India to maintain cleanliness. The sanitizer contains alcohol in smaller quantities. It also does not cause any problems such as scarring, etc. People use sanitizer instead of using water and soaps. When they go outdoors, they cannot clean their hands with water frequently and soap. So, they use sanitizer to kill the germs.

Uses of the best sanitizers

The best sanitizers contain 70% Iso Propyl to fight against germs and hence your hands can become cleaner. These sanitizers contain alcohol in smaller quantities. It helps in preventing any type of illness. Corovirus is such an organism that cannot be killed easily. The person should wash hands for more than 20 seconds to kill the germs. But water may not be available adequately everywhere. So, they should use sanitizers to kill the germs. The sanitizer helps in killing 99.9% germs without using water. When the hands become germ free, then microorganisms do not invade the region. So, you can maintain cleanliness and hygiene even without rubbing sanitizer to the hands. The best sanitizer in India helps in killing the germs present in the hands.

What does sanitizer contains and how to use the sanitizer?

It contains Iso Propyl rubbing alcohol of 70%.  The sanitizer should be used to the palms and should be spread even to the backside of the hands. They should apply it to the fingertips and let it to dry.

Some precautions to use the sanitizers

The alcohol based hand sanitizer is flammable and hence the user should stay away from the fire after applying it. They should not apply the sanitizer to the eye. If the sanitizer is spread near the eyes, then they should wash the area with water. The sanitizer should be preferably applied to the hands only. If a person is experiencing irritation, then the user should stop using this sanitizer. They should immediately meet a physician if someone swallows the product or if the person experiences irritation.

The product should be kept away from heat and dampness. It should always be kept out of reach of children. The sanitizer is also meant for external use.

Using the best hand sanitizers to kill germs

The bestalcohol based hand sanitizer contains 60 to 70 percent of isoprapanol as it is effective. The bottle in which the sanitizer is to be poured should not contain methanol because it becomes toxic. The hand sanitizer is used to kill the germs instantly present on the hands. It also kills any type of virus and bacteria. The gels contain alcohol to kill any type of germs present on the hands. The alcohols recommended for sanitizers are ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or propane.