For how many times have you stood bewildered in front of your closet cribbing in mind that you have nothing to wear? Imagine if you feel lost amidst the big pile of clothes that you own, what would be the scenario when you own just a handful of shoes or flats!

Shoes are the real savior!

Someone who has great fashion taste can experiment easily with clothes but when it comes to footwear, the options that we have are quite limited. But then shoes come into the scene and save the day. Have you ever imagined, there are so many ways and easy hacks to make a simple pair of shoes look quite attractive? And the credit goes to the lace shoes. Just like the shoe designs are changing, so are the types of laces that compliment your shoes. 

Design of Round stretchy laces 

While walking in any showroom selling shoes, you might have seen straight laces that are most common. But if you are looking for something comfortable and attractive, then go or the round stretchy laces. As you would feel the texture of these laces, they are quite smooth with no curves and are round in shape. 

What makes round stretchy laces so trendy? 

Each day, we give our legs a lot of walking trips hence it becomes quite important to prefer comfort over fashion. And if you picking formal shoes to wear to work or for that casual trip with friends, round laced shoes are the righteous ones. Here is why!

  • If you take an inch tape and measure the straight laces, you will feel it is the flat thread without any curves or round textures. 
  • The shoes kids wear to school also have such stretchy laces so that they don’t have to bend down every other minute to tie them. 
  • These laces make all shoes look comfortable, stylish yet elegant.
  • The way these laces are tied up, they give your shoes a neat look and all the parts are tied in a segregated way making it stick to the point. And you don’t fall while walking getting snuggled in your laces unarranged. 
  • Another strong reason to pick the stretchy laces is that, they are handmade and quite soft hence won’t give you any shoe bite. 
  • You can buy your customized laces from any online fashion store or malls with the showrooms of your favorite shoe brand.

Quick steps to tie these round laces 

Whether you are running late to work or have to show up at dinner with friends, round laced shoes go perfect with every outfit. And it hardly takes a few seconds to detangle the lace and tie it up. 

  • Just detangle the threads, and simply insert from one end in one of the holes. You can start from the end or top, your choice!
  • Take the lace out from the opposite hole and repeat the process until you are done.
  • At last, just tie the left out part in a small knot and fix it in a way that it does not get loose. And you are good to go!

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