Four Important Benefits of Using Electronic Visitor Book

Are you irritated with the visitors asking for the date and time during check-ins? Have your visitors ever asked you for the pen for filling the details? Do the visitors write their name badly that you can’t even read it?If yes, then you should move on to the modern method of visitor check-in. According to a survey, these are the problems of every workplace. So, if you want to solve it out, then go and introduce a digital visitor book at your reception desk.

However, paper format visitor books are still a common way to track down the visitors at the workplace. But this is not an effective way to manage the workplace as there is only one book managing every data of outsiders. What if it goes missing? This means the data of the visitors is not safe in logbooks that’s why we are advising you to have electronic books at your places. This is because digital visitor books are very much efficient business tools. But before having them you should know about the benefits, have a look at them in detail.

Fabulous First Impression- As we know that receptionists are very much good at welcoming the guests but they too get busy. Sometimes they can be on a holiday, they have bad days too and more. But a digital visitor book is always ready and prepared to welcome and greet the guests. These the electronic solutions that ask the visitors the right questions and record every information correctly. Moreover, it helps in sending messages to the people who need to know that visitor has arrived. Hence, this is the first and one of the best benefits offered by electronic visitor book solutions.

Consolidate your Brand Experience- Your brand is on show 24/7- the people, the office and your website is the one that reflects your brand. Free check in software are totally customizable, hardcopies of them are not but digital version is. So, with the help of these, you can easily change down the things or include all the necessary things for making the image of your business good.

Reduce Environmental Impact- As we know that a large company will always need a number of logbooks and this is not good for the environment. Moreover, they need to be secured when filled fully and news ones are to be ordered. This means that we are using paper on a large scale and impacting the environment by cutting trees. So, to solve this problem digital books can be used because they don’t use paper. Every information and data stored is there in files of the digital solution. This will further help in reducing the number of environmental resources for workplace uses.

Provide Accurate and Instant Visitor Data- These log books helps in storing all the accurate data of the visitors. Moreover, these solution scans the information cards of the visitors as well. So, there is no need to worry at all and the data saved is too secured as well.

To conclude, go paperless and start using digital visitor books today only. It will not only help you in enhancing the brand image but will help in reducing environmental problems as well. So think once and introduce these free visitor book solutions at your reception.

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