The word about CBD has travelled afar and it has become the top wellness trend currently. CBD aka cannabidiol is one among the 100 compounds present in the cannabis plant. Hemp and marijuana belong to the cannabis sativa strain, but both differ in their composition of certain compounds.

Marijuana’s mind-altering effects is due to the presence of higher THC levels in it while hemp is cultivated in a specific way for years to make clothing, paper, sails and rope. Hemp contains less than 3% THC, which makes it safe for consumption. The restrictions on CBD have gone down and in many parts of the US you can secure CBD products without a prescription.

Uses of CBD: CBD helps in treating many conditions including:

  • Mood disorders: CBD is popular for its calming effects. Many who are living with stress, anxiety, depression have found CBD effective.
  • Insomnia: Taking CBD right before hitting the bed helps you sleep better.
  • Pain-relief: The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help with pain relief. CBD combined with small amount of THC is effective in easing arthritis-related and sclerosis-related pain
  • Tone-down cancer symptoms: CBD helps ease cancer-related pain and nausea and vomiting that occurs as a result of chemotherapy.
  • Seizures: Certain types of seizures in children can be controlled using CBD.
  • Heart health: CBD lowers blood pressure and keeps stroke, metabolic syndrome and heart attack at bay.

Types of CBD:

CBD is available in the form of edibles, vapes, oils and tinctures vapes, creams and beverages. prefer vaping because of its instant effect and higher bioavailability. If you are looking for CBD vape products, check out JustCBD store. They are the one-place destination for CBD products and remain a top choice among CBD users. Their products are laboratory-tested and safe.

Wondering if CBD gets you high?

Those who are new to CBD may be apprehensive about trying CBD due to its close association with marijuana. CBD and THC are both mood-altering compounds. Unlike THC which promotes a sensation of euphoria, CBD leaves the user with a sense of calmness. It doesn’t alter a user’s sensory and spatial perception which makes it non-psychoactive.

How does a person exactly feel after ingesting CBD?

CBD interacts with the CB1 receptors in our brain and imparts a relaxing sensation. CBD won’t make a user feel high. Users claim they feel reduced pain that and more positive. Some feel an exaggerated sense of tranquil.  Your anxiety levels would go down. The effects are more prominent with vaping. Vaping promises hard-hitting and instant results.

Those who especially vape CBD-rich hemp flowers can feel these kinds of effects since flowers contain higher THC content. Generally, CBD products have small level of THC in them because researches suggest that CBD in conjunction with other compounds like THC and terpenes etc result in an entourage effect and provide more health benefits.

The choice of CBD product dictates the effects a user experience. High-quality products don’t contain synthetic cannabinoids and go through third-party laboratory testing. Purchase CBD only from a trustworthy manufacturer to reap all the benefits CBD offers.

By Peter