The Stary of TCM

Chinese medicine is identified to have started around the second century BC, with the initial logs of its methodologies dating to this age. However, a number of practices such as acupuncture is thought to have been applied as far back as the stone ages. Before the advent of writing, these practices were effectively passed on through oral means.

In this article, our practitioners from our TCM massage Singapore facility will be sharing about the origins of TCM and how it has evolved to its current day place. To start with, we will be covering 2 of the most important texts that have been treasured by practitioners for years:

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon (Huangdi Neijing).

Likewise known as the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon is regarded to be the most prominent treatise. It is a multi-volume that presents the fundamental concepts of the TCM. This consists of principles of Yin & Yang, the 5 elements of nature and Qi.

Compendium of Materia Medica (Ben Cao Gang Mu)

Ben Cao Gang Mu was first published amid the Wanli time period, and was assembled by Li Shizen, a terrific physician from Sichuan. This compendium included 25 volumes, similar to that of an encyclopedia. Within it, the details of around 1,800 medicinal drugs with images as well as 11,000 prescriptions can be discovered. Each suggested herb had details on its kind, form, flavour, nature and encouraged approach of application.

Modern Day TCM

Apprehensions concerning the risk-free usage of TCM products have afflicted it in western nations for several years. People have not surprisingly been cautious concerning purchasing and taking in natural herbs because of the worry of unpredicted side effects or outright scamming.

Yet, modern TCM products have taken many actions to reassuring consumers. This consists of undertaking rigorous examinations and being generated under really rigid conditions. As a matter of fact, a number of these products come packed in tidy containers and in pill form. Because of this, they are both easy and clean to consume.

When Do Individuals Pick TCM?

Apart from long time consumers of TCM, new consumers who look to Chinese medicine typically do so when they have not had favorable outcomes with taking western medicine. Considering that TCM has a distinct diagnosing method and assists the entire body get healthier, specific problems have gotten better post TCM therapy.

An additional perspective is to see TCM as a complete system of medicine with the ability of incorporating into western medicine. As an example, western medicine is at its finest when addressing emergency situation. On the other hand, TCM can be utilized to reduce persistent problems and boost the individual’s general wellness post emergency.

By Peter