Being a new parent is exciting. There are so many things that you are looking forward to. You want to be there when your child reaches a milestone. And as much as possible, you would want to keep those memories to last forever. One way to do it is to make keepsakes. One of the most popular is making hand or footprints and impressions.

If this is what you are looking for, there is an inkless baby footprint kit that you can buy from BABY Ink. Other than that, they also have different keepsake ideas that you might be interested in. BABY Ink makes it easier for you to capture these amazing memories that you can enjoy. So start making keepsakes of your baby with the following BABY Ink products:

Ink-Less Print Kits

Inks can be messy. If you want to make hand and footprint keepsakes, but don’t want the mess, this is the best choice for you. This mess-free, inkless, and safe print kits are safe even for newborn babies. The kit is certified to be non-toxic and easy to use. It comes with a special paper that you can use to handwrite, draw, or print with. With this kit, you can make four to eight prints depending on the size. It comes in different colors – black, pink, blue, grey, and bronze. Use this to capture the tiny hand and footprints.

Clay Impressions

This soft clay impression kit can help you make and keep your memories in the easiest way possible. The clay impressions are a “roll-press-no mess” kit. It is a pre-mixed and pre-colored clay so that parents can make a clean and mess-free impression. It is certified non-toxic and is soft to touch for it to be gentle and safe for the tiny hands and feet of your babies. With the clay impressions, you can air dry it for just 24 hours.

Other Keepsakes and Gifts

Besides the inkless and clay impressions, BABY Ink also has other keepsakes and gift choices for you. From photo cards, poster cards, booklets, activity photo cards, albums, and so much more. At BABY Ink, you have plenty of options to choose from if you want to keep your babies’ memories. With BABY Ink, you will never run out of ideas. Whether for personal keepsakes or use it as a giveaway during your baby’s christening or birthday celebration.

So if you are having a hard time deciding which keepsake idea should you start now that you are pregnant or have already given birth to your bundle of joy, visit the BABY Ink website to know more about the products that you can choose from. Memories can last forever, thanks to the keepsake and gift ideas from BABY Ink.