How Can I check my Flight status on Southwest Airlines

There are several ways to obtain Southwest Airlines flight status information. You can always consider the online website for various operations including checking the flight status.

Here you will get all the details and updates about the Southwest Flight. Southwest has given the opportunity to track status airport, message, through website, mobile app etc.

Check the main highlights of the Southwest flight checking process and methods. You will get assistance for checking the status of your booked Southwest Flight using these given instructions, tips and advice.

Method to Check the Southwest Airlines

Southwest has multiple ways to check and track the status of your booked Southwest Airlines flight. For those who travel by air, having the ability to swiftly and effectively check the status of their trip is essential.

You can monitor any flight, at any time, from any device, with ease thanks to the extensive and user-friendly Flight Status function.

With this tool’s user-friendly design, you can easily find out the most recent flight status regardless of whether you have the flight number, are just aware of the arrival and departure airports, or are just familiar with the name of the airport. If you follow these simple steps, you will enjoy travelling with confidence and ease.

Get Southwest status on message

Follow the below mentioned process to get the Southwest flight status on message. You need to follow the instructions to get a southwest status update.

  • Find the website’s “Flight Status” section.
  • In the “Flight #” field, type your flight number. For instance, enter “236” in the field if your flight number is 236, for example.
  • Make sure the airline field has “Southwest Airlines” selected.
  • To see the current status of your flight, click the “Track” option.

Track the Southwest Status using route number

You can check and get the Southwest flight status using the Flight route and here are the key steps to get the flight status utilizing the Flight route. Check the step by step process of getting flight status using a booked Southwest flight number.

  • Navigate to the “Flight Status” area, select “By Route”.
  • Enter the airports of the Southwest Airlines flight you want to verify, including the departure and arrival
  • Note: An error warning will appear if you choose an airport that Southwest Airlines does not service.
  • Verify that the date matches the departure date of your flight given your current time zone. Note that planes from Asia or Europe may arrive one day early or late
  • Click “Track” to see the selected flight’s current status.

Track the Status using Flight number

You can also track the Southwest Flight status using the flight number and choosing the airport option. It will give you updates about the departure and arrival status of your booked Flight.

Check the Flight Status section and select the airport option from here.

  • Select the right window of time at the selected airport.
  • Choose “Departures” or “Arrivals”.
  • After that Press “Track.”

The chosen airport will display a list of all Southwest Airlines flights, along with their current status.

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