How To Choose A Good Real Estate Agent?

Buying or selling home is not a piece of cake; it is in fact one of the biggest financial decisions that one can make. If you are planning to sale your property, then you would expect highest resale value to get maximum rate of return. And if you want to buy a home, then you would expect best property at reasonable price. In both cases, you want prospective customers who can give you the best deal.

This might seem easy but is not. That’s why role of real estate agent is so important in cracking down the best deal for you in both cases. Real estate agents deal in property buying and selling business; they are well-informed about latest market value of each property and what best deal he can help you crack. However, there are bulk of real estate agents in the market whether offline or online and it becomes really difficult to choose the one who can guide you through the whole process of buying and selling. 

So, in this guide we have enlisted few tips that you need to factor in while choosing best real estate agent for your property matters.

  • Interact with a lender

Often, people make a mistake of hiring real estate agents before even interacting with a lender. It is crucial to interact with lender first; this should be the first step of the process. Once your mortgage gets approved, you will come to know how much you can borrow; and if there are any issues you can act upon them right in early stage. This will help you know about your price range and you will stick to homes in that range. This also makes an impression on potential sellers that you are a serious buyer. It will be beneficial in selecting a home within a suitable price range.

  • Collect referrals

In your network, do not miss to grab some referrals from your friends or relatives regarding the best real estate agents. With referrals, you will be able to find reliable and trustworthy agents as they already had good experience working with them. No one would like to hire an agent who is not trustworthy and sums-up your buying process without following the right procedure. To avoid any mistakes, do some research on your own on referrals given by your friends and colleagues.

  • Trust the technology

No doubt, the old ways of selecting an agent for real-estate purposes such as enquiring from friends or relatives can turn out to be beneficial. But the emerging technology of internet also comes up with various tools that can effortlessly arrange sales records of agents and identify best agents for buyers like you with good track record.  You can take advantage of such tools to make your hunt less tiring.

  • Skills evaluation test

This step comes when you are almost on verge of completing your hunting process. By the time you reach this step, you have all the details you need to finalise your decision. This is the time when before finalising the real estate agent, you can conduct a skill evaluation test and get answers for some questions like:

  • Who is well-aware about the local market trends?
  • Who has received more positive reviews from the clients?
  • Who can save more money for the buyers?

Along with this evaluation test, factor in some statistics also such as number of deals closed per annum, average value of houses that were either sold or bought per year, and so on.

  • Conduct an interview

Interviewing a real estate agent might sound weird but it can work wonders in the selection process. When you meet someone face to face, it entirely transforms the mode of conversation. You kind of create a personal relationship with that agent and it gives you an opportunity to ask some of the questions that you were sceptical of. You can also observe their level of communication and professionalism during interview. You can ask them about their work history, their experience, what is their work strategy, to name a few.

Try to interview at least 3-4 agents and then finalise the best real estate agent out of them. This is also the best time to put forward any potential concerns that you had in your mind related to your buying or selling process.


So far by now you must have realised how important it is to hire a right real estate agent while you are planning to buy or sell your house. And selecting one such agent for your help can become a great headache without being well informed about this industry trends. From the above-discussed steps, one can easily hire a suitable agent to get your deals finalised in an appropriate way. Once you’ve finalised an agent, you can be confident enough to move ahead.

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