How To Choose A Striking Design For Custom Patches

If you are making custom patches for the first time, then this article is just for you. Whether you are an artist or a designer, selecting a striking design for custom patches can sometimes become challenging. But there is nothing to worry about; here, we will guide you to make the best selection to come up with a fantastic final product.

Choosing designs for the patches

Patches play a crucial role in giving an institution its identity. So if you are sitting down to make a patch for your organisation, the following tips might prove to be helpful:

●         Simple– A design becomes attractive when it looks simple. A busy design neither looks professional, nor can it capture the essence of the business. With simple patch designs affiliated to your company, you can attract the attention of the customers.

●       Bold- Always go for bold designs and text. It’s tough to create small and subtle text designs using traditional embroidery methods. The bold texts are not only eye-catching, but they are easier to execute and time-saving too.

●       Contrast– With the right contrast in the designs, you will be able to leave a mark in your audience’s minds. The traditional black-white distinction has helped many organisations gain the attention they deserve. But we will not suggest you choose the same, instead, be creative and choose a striking colour contrast with the right balance to create a unique identity for your company.

●    Bigger– Depending on the products or services your company produces, the patches should be big enough to display the message of your business. Go for the biggest possible size where you can fit your design correctly, and it should look clear.

●      Borders– The border of any patch is essential as it highlights the overall design. Edges also help in improving or decreasing the background depth. It influences the overall design of the patch and also enhances its visibility.

Coming up with customised and unique designs can sometimes get tough. You can look at various patch design galleries to form a basic idea and get some inspiration. You might get tempted to add different elements to your design, but make sure that it is worth it. Often simple designs have worked much better. Go for bold and giant letters that display your message. Choose contrasting colours that will grab your customer’s attention and do not forget about the borders. With these easy yet practical tips, you can customize some great patches for any organisation.

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