How to store and protect your jewellery like a Pro

You need to know to keep your jewellery free from any and all harm so it will bring you and your family love for generations.

It is a point of pride and joy to have a collection of exquisite jewelry of high quality. As well as exquisite beauty, your jewelry will have wonderful sentimental value to you. Your engagement ring, your grandmother’s bracelet, and the anniversary necklace your husband gave you; all have a lot of personal meaning behind them.

On the off chance that you need your valuable adornments to remain protected and in great condition for a long time, it is imperative to ensure that it is put away appropriately. Adornments and jewellery that aren’t put away well can get harmed over the long haul or lost.

Let’s have a look at some simple yet significant tips that you can keep in mind to protect your jewellery:

Keep it clean and dry

Be it your favourite necklaces and earrings or the new gold nose ring designs and models, you would always want to save them for a longer time.

Your jewellery should be stored in a clean and dry spot, such as a fabric-lined jewelry box or case. An ordinary box can also be used as long as you cover each piece individually in soft tissue paper.

Others are going to have ultra-soft fabric and some are going to have anti-tarnish properties that help keep the item looking fresh for longer. As they have been crafted with the specific piece in mind, these pouches are the perfect thing to store your jewelry in.

Typically, when you buy a piece of jewelry, a special pouch or case crafted with the right finish to protect the particular piece of jewelry will be given to you.

Be organized

It is a good idea to keep your jewelry box tidy and organized, as this will have many benefits. If your jewelry pieces are not jumbled together you will not risk one piece getting tangled in or scratching another piece. You will also be able to find the piece of jewelry that you are looking for right away. You don’t want to lose your favorite nose stud or that small pair of earrings right?

To make it easier to keep your jewelry organized, choose a style of jewelry box that has many small compartments to separate items. This will allow you to keep your jewelry pieces away from each other so that they don’t touch or become tangled.

Say no to humidity and extreme temperatures

High mugginess is the fundamental offender that speeds up the discoloring cycle on adornments. In the event that you live in a moist atmosphere, you may see that your adornments discolor quicker in the late spring months. Think about running a climate control system or dehumidifier in the room that your adornments are put away. You could likewise purchase silica bundles for your gems box to ingest overabundance dampness.

Store fine jewellery in dark and safe spaces

Fine adornments ought to be kept in a protected area so that it’s less defenseless to robbery. It’s additionally fundamental to store fine gems from direct daylight since certain stones can get harmed by delayed openness to UV light. Have a spot on your wardrobe or end table where you can keep gems you wear each day like your wedding band or jewel studs. Start to consistently take care of your gems in a similar spot so that it’s less inclined to get lost.

Keep all these basic tips in mind and you can enjoy wearing your favorite evergreen jewellery pieces for a really long time and can even pass them to your future generations.

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