How to take care of your car so that it lasts you 20 years

Follow these tips religiously, with this we assure you that you can extend the life of your car, without having to make unnecessary expenses.

Leaving aside the affection that we may have for our car, the incessant increases in the prices of new cars can lead us to keep ours for much longer than expected.

That is why we tell you that it is possible and highly recommended to give our car good use and care to ensure its longevity, even beyond a couple of decades, so we have prepared a list of recommendations to achieve this.

Preventive Maintenance

Before problems arise, it is better to prevent them, and in most cases it will also be cheaper. Carrying out the preventive maintenance of our car in time and rule, will help maintain its correct operation for longer, reducing premature wear.

In addition, by attending maintenance services on time, we can ensure conceivable disappointments in other areas and at the same time ensure that the adequate fuel economy is preserved for a lengthier dated.

Correct use

Pushing the competences of a car to the limit, in any aspect, will generate premature wear on its mechanical components, reducing its useful life cycle.

The simple fact of revving the engine beyond what is necessary will not only have an impact on fuel consumption, but on the wear that can be generated on the components.

The same happens if we transport a load that exceeds the limits recommended by the manufacturer, if we use our car for purposes for which it was not developed or if it is used excessively and unnecessarily, that is, for very short trips that could be made to foot.

Use of engine additives

The use of additives will boost internal engine and combustion conditions, helping to sustain proper operation for a longer period of time. Lubricants, such as those from RESURS, allow compression in the engine block to be increased, thus also increasing fuel efficiency and reducing the amount of polluting emissions in kilometer-long engines.

Address failures promptly

Do not leave what you can fix today for yet another day. If something is wrong with our car, it will go a long way in mitigating other future failures to get it tested, fixed or replaced as soon as possible. For example, running on a low rim is not only detrimental to the tire itself, but it can lead to wear on other suspension components that can lead to a more expensive repair.  If you want to buy a used car in Kenya you should get more information from our expert

Use original spare parts

It is strongly recommended that original spare parts and spare parts be used when making adjustments to wear parts or damaged parts, since these are made under the requirements of the brand, thereby ensuring that their service is sufficient. Maybe they’re more costly, but it’s worth it

Check levels constantly

It is also strongly recommended that oil, antifreeze, brake fluid and even tire pressure levels be tested regularly. It is necessary to use the specific products for our car Ceramic coating in St. Petersburg, so we recommend checking the owner’s manual or in a certified workshop which ones they are

Avoid modifications

We understand that our cars are a reflection of our personalities, the useful life of components can be severely shortened by mechanical changes, particularly if it is done by workers with little experience.

But if you still want to make modifications, at least they have to be carried out in specialized workshops, which can ensure its correct operation and even guarantee.

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