Interesting Facts to Know About Phuket Ink Tattoo

Are you thinking of getting an ink tattoo? Well, that’s a very good decision. If you are a tattoo lover, you should be aware that Phuket ink tattoos are quite popular. Most of the people opt for white ink tattoos, which look gorgeous. Here, in this blog, you will know some interesting facts about white ink tattoos. Now, let’s check out the facts below-

  • They Go Well With Any Skin Tone

Some people think that white ink tattoo looks good only on darker skin tone. But this is completely a misconception. White ink tattoo looks good on any type of skin tone. The only difference is that under normal light, the tattoo will not look much prominent for someone who has a paler skin tone. But it does not mean you cannot show your tattoo to someone. They will be able to see your tattoo clearly.

  • The Tattoo Will Glow Under UV Light

While white ink tattoos on paler skin tone stand out less prominent under natural light, but they pop up when it comes up to UV light. In fact, the ink will enhance the look of the skin, giving the tattoo a prominent look.

Suppose if you are in a club and under the illuminating lights on the dance floor, the tattoo will start glowing. This thing will make your tattoo look more impressive for people who have never seen them before.

  • They Work Well Even in Professional Places

Yes, this is the biggest advantage of a white ink tattoo. As these white ink tattoos stand out, they don’t put you in trouble, even in a highly professional place. If you are working in a conservative setting or living in a community where people are conservative, you can still be done this because others are less likely to observe them until you show them or grab their attention. So, if you are thinking of doing an ink tattoo, consider visiting Phuket ink tattoo parlor to get it done by professional artists.

  • You May Observe a Slight Change in its Color Over Time

Not all people are aware of this thing that white ink tattoos slightly change color over the years. However, the change is subtle, and it will not put an effect on its appearance much. Depending on certain factors, the color of the tattoo will turn a slight yellow hue.

However, on other times, the color may change to a slight grey color. A professional tattoo artist can give you the right explanation on how it happens, how much time it takes, and how these ink tattoos still look gorgeous.

Therefore, these are some interesting facts which you must know about tattoos that you can get in Phuket and even from other preferred locations.

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