Introducing Tanning Peptides

Different individuals like to have different appearances, and not everybody’s skin is the same. There are different skin tones and the way a person expresses oneself. Currently, there are people worldwide who like to have a tanned effect on their skin. There are tanning peptides for the same. These are a form of amino acids that help to stimulate various changes in the body. Melanotan II is a very specific peptide that is used in most clinics and further increases the production of Melanotan inside the skin without the use of tanning sprays or UV tanning beds that are most harmful to the skin in the long run.  

Working of Melanotan

The tanning peptides immediately replicate the functions of the peptides that occur naturally in the body and are involved in skin pigmentation, sexual arousal, immunity and inflammation response. The peptides also increase the reaction power of the body to any degree of UV exposure safely and naturally with almost no side effects. This allows spending less time on tanning beds and reduces the dangerous effect it has on the skin while it delivers a perfect tan on an individual’s skin. It is ideal for both skins, type 1 and 2. 

Benefits of Melanotan

Some benefits of Melanotan tanning peptides are:

  • Eliminates the need for sunscreen: depending on the time length an individual spends under the sun, they can eliminate its use from their routine
  • It increases libido in the body: the peptides increase the libido count in both men and women that helps in a smooth sexual experience always. 
  • Gives tan without tanning beds: the peptide protects from skin burns and helps the body get ready for all the changes. Also, it increases the tan when an individual is under the sun, further reducing the chances of getting burnt from it.


The tanning peptides come in various forms in the market. They start from 22.99 euro for a single Melanotan II dose while 49.99 euro for a nasal spray kit of the same. There is also a starter kit for the individuals using it for the first time and costs around 28.99 euro. The method and technique of use are all mentioned on the website, along with the reviews on each product, allowing people to decide what is best for their skins. 

So, everyone looking to get a tanned look at a much affordable rate can easily go for tanning peptides at least once.    

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