Vegetable cutters are a great help to men and women who cook every day. A self-test conducted by many people revealed that the process of vegetable cutting requires most time and labor during cooking. The use of cooking accessories in the culinary world is existing from the last several years. Cooking can be extremely manageable when you already have the vegetables chopped. Whether it is for salad, breakfast, curry, or pizza, you need to slice the vegetable properly, depending upon the need of the dish. However, the vegetable cutters allow you to select the appropriate size for cutting veggies. Some of them also come with additional features that help you in preparing other dishes too. Let us look at everything that you need to know about a vegetable cutter in brief:

1. What are the various kinds of vegetable cutters?

Vegetable cutters can be of many different types, depending upon their structure, function, and mode of use. Let us first discuss the classification of veggie cutters under structural and functional heading:

  • Mandolines: These cutters are ideal to chop almost everything ranging from vegetables to products like chocolate. Mandolines have a set of blades which help the veggies to slice down finely. Some of them also come with customization of blades.
  • Food processors: The cutting jar has equipment of blades inside it. When the vegetables are kept inside and the blades are rotated at high speed, it cuts the veggies into small pieces.
  • French fry/box cutters: French fry cutters, as the name suggests, helps in making fries. The long rectangular compartment inside the box is equipped with sharp blades on its top. When you keep a potato and close the cover to press it, the potato is divided into several finger chips structures.
  • Lettuce cutters: Helps to cut veggies like lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, and cabbage. It comes in various sizes; some of them are also useful in cutting chicken breast.
  • All-purpose cutter: An all-purpose cutter is useful for purposes like dicing, slicing, cutting, wedging, and many more. Along with vegetables, you can also cut fruits and non-vegan meals in it. 

Let us discuss the mode of uses of these vegetable cutters:

  • Electrical: Electrical vegetable cutters are more precise and fast. Turning on the switch/pressing the button will lead to fine chopping of the vegetables.
  • Manual: In manual cutters, you need to use your strength to cut the vegetables. Either by rotating the handle or by using the pulley, you can finely chop these vegetables.

2. Which one is best for home?

Almost all of these vegetable cutters are suitable for home. However, if you are looking for a simpler one, go for food processors or manual ones. If you want something advanced, go for all-purpose cutters.

3. Do the veggie cutters come in different sizes?

In a vegetable cutter, you will need to consider two things. The first one is the size of the container. There are several sizes available in the market, you can select according to the size of your meal. The second thing is the blade size. Make sure to select an appropriate size to know the fineness of the chopped veggies.

That was all about the veggie cutters. Thank you!