A good childhood with our siblings is a collection of memories. Right from pulling each other’s leg to punching each other’s face, we have created millions of bittersweet memories with our siblings. However, these childhood memories make us nostalgic once we grow up since we want nothing more than reliving it all over again.

Although we might not be able to go back to those days again, let’s take you down the memory lane to revisit it:

  1. The case of missing chocolates

Remember how we eyed on our sibling’s chocolates only to steal it from them? No matter where the chocolate is hidden, we always find it from any corner of the house. However, every time we steal it from our sibling’s sacred hiding spot, it always ends up in a heated argument followed by bashing from our parents.

  1. The sharing game

Is sharing really caring when it comes to the last slice of cake or a pizza? The last bite becomes all the tastier, especially if our sibling wants it. Those fights over the last bit of everything turns into laughing fits and never-ending stories when we grow older.

  1. The reminder of things done for each other

A small favour done for each other turns into a huge list, especially during childhood. For instance, if the younger ones ask the older siblings to bring a glass of water, the older ones remind the little one about the time they had asked for the same and how the younger one rejected it.

  1. The battle of the TV remote

“Give me the remote.” That one, ‘NO’ from your sibling is enough to create a huge ruckus between the two. The wild bickering for the TV remote usually gets out of control wherein neither of you ends up watching the TV. The fights over the remote control turn out to be much more entertaining than the television itself.

  1. The legacy of money

As kids, we always have minimal pocket money that our parents give every month. When we exhaust our pocket money, aren’t we scared to ask for more from our parents? That’s when our siblings come into the picture. We end up borrowing their money from their compass boxes with the promise to return one day.

  1. The saga of embarrassing nicknames

“Hey ugly ducking, come back home.” Can we ever forget those embarrassing nicknames that our siblings said out loud in public? The promise to keep those nicknames private never stays. Somehow, we always find a way to embarrass each other in front of friends.

  1. Summertime fun

Summer vacations have been our most anticipated holidays, especially when we have a sibling. These long summer vacations are usually spent lazying in bed till noon, watching cartoons, playing marbles, and running wild in the street.

The childhood memories that we spend with each other are priceless. Although it seems decades old, these memories still hold a special place in the corner of our hearts. The unbreakable bond with our sibling forms during our childhood, which eventually strengthens as we grow old together.

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