Temporary tattoos have been highly popular and are constantly gaining adoration in society. Their waterproof versions are equally liked for all sorts of events from religious, ceremonials, to professional parties. There are plenty of varieties of temporary ink tattoo styles that you can choose from. Based on the occasion, your personality type, and the expected gathering you can play with designs, colors, and types.

In the present times, two variations of press-on, metal jewelry, and decal style are also increasingly liked, especially among youngsters. In these styles, decals and jewels are pressed on to your body giving the tattoo a shimmering look without using glitters. While these tattoos stay only for 24 hours, you can choose the airbrush or henna tattoos for a bit longer run.

Temporary tattoos are also loved because they are safe for both adults and children. These can keep all age groups abreast of the latest style statement with no major risk. Here is a complete guide to temporary tattoos to help you better understand this cool style statement.

  • How these are applied

Based on the material used in the temporary tattoos and the way they are applied, these are broadly classified into three categories.

  • Henna

Henna is an organic tattoo that is rooted in South Asia. Instead of some kind of ink, it uses a paste made from the leaves of a henna plant. These can be created only in three colors, brown, red, and black. Despite color restrictions, you can create mesmerizing designs using henna. The henna paste is made by mixing leaves with eucalyptus oil, coffee, and other color enhancers. The paste is filled in cones to create amazing designs on your body. Traditionally henna is the safest tattoo, you can be a little cautious with black henna.

  • On-press

Almost every one of us has been introduced to on-press tattoos in our childhood. These are the tattoos that you used to get as a gift with your gum or from coin-operated dispensers. The design is printed on a water-permeable paper that is placed on your skin with its ink down. All you need to do is to apply some moisture and the ink will be transferred to your skin. Although there are clear regulatory guidelines to use them as cosmetics, you should be a little careful before putting them on your skin.

  • Air spray

As the name suggests, these temporary tattoos are created with the help of an air spray. The artist places a stencil of the chosen design on your skin and sprays color to create the pattern. With air spray tattoos you can create several intricate designs in a limited time frame which is why these are the most loved types for parties. Make sure that you are not feeling any allergic reaction to the ink used in the spray.

  • How to make them stay longer

Temporary tattoos fade away with time as these are not meant to stay forever. While the only way to keep press-on and air spray tattoos stay is to keep them away from water. These tattoos however do not last for more than a day. On the other hand, you can take a few measures to keep henna for a longer time. By scrubbing and exfoliating the skin at the tattoo site and avoid water contact as much as possible you can enjoy the henna design for around a month.

By Peter