Ballet’s Origins

From its launch in Renaissance Italy, ballet has captivated the minds of its viewers. What started as court pageantry (court entertainment during celebrations) swiftly developed into an art style that seduced nations.

The early style of ballet spread out from Italy and into France and also subsequently to various other parts of Europe, Russia, the United States as well as other parts of the globe. Ballet progressively took the globe by storm and also developed into the iconic dance form we know today.

Brought About Cultural Movements

In 17th century France, King Louis XIV established the very first professional Ballet Academy in Paris. The academy would execute dances based upon Greek and also Roman mythology to the Parisian upper class.

As ballet continued to expand to regions such as Russia, performances started to explore stories that showed tales of the regular lives of the neighborhood. Ballet became a kind expression delving into the experiences and also feelings of daily life in the 18th century.

Productions such as the ‘The Nutcracker’ as well as ‘Swan Lake’ transpired when ballet obtained popularity in Russia. These productions have since surpassed time and have currently come to be household names.

‘The Nutcracker’ is now a cult favourite throughout Christmas season as well as has actually been adapted right into motion pictures as well as television shows. The same can be said for ‘Swan Lake’ which was adapted into a film entitled ‘Black Swan’ in 2010.

Cultivated Legends Like Misty Copeland

Ever since its creation, remarkable people have made their name in the realm of ballet. Today, we take a look at Misty Copeland, a absolute legend in the world of ballet.

Misty Copeland (born 1982) had a rough start in life because of a volatile family life. Nevertheless, that did not stop her from taking up ballet at 13 years of age, which is considered to be a late age to start ballet.

Undeterred by the late start, Copeland swiftly picked up ballet and even was dancing en pointe after only three months of lessons and also began dancing professionally a year after. Copeland took place to take the ballet world by storm and also is presently a role model for young professional dancers around the globe.

She has been described as a prodigy for her fantastic achievements. She is additionally an icon of empowerment for the African American community as she was the very first women African American professional dancer to be accepted as a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.

Modern Day Grassroots

Ballet has taken root all over the world, with a ballet school being easily found in any city. While these institutions may vary in terms of teaching quality of their instructors, all schools generally follow the syllabus set out by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). As such, should your child pass each level of RAD, similar to that of music grades, you can be assured of their competence in the art.

By Peter