Choosing a guitar rack seems like the simplest choice but requires attention to some key factors which are about the protection of a guitar. An ideal guitar rack should have a range of features regarding the design and functionality. The right choice will help you keep a guitar durable for years, and it also affects the overall look. Once you begin the search of a guitar rack, you can find a number of features that might not seem important but plays an important role. Here are the essential factors that everyone should be looking before buying a guitar rack for more than one guitar –

1. Sturdy Design

A guitar rack with a sturdy design will fulfill the need in a better manner. The material used in the base is steel in most cases. There are hollow pipes connected to create a strong base, and these are providing ease of use. Placing more than one guitar means that there will be a little weight on the rack. Electric guitars are slightly heavy, and if the rack is too light at the base part, then it might flip or fall.

2. Portability

Getting a portable guitar rack means ease of use. If you are performing one place to another, having a portable guitar is boon for you. Such guitar racks are compact, and they are easy to fold or open. You can reconnect all the parts and expect better usability. Portability also means getting a lightweight guitar rack, so you should consider the overall weight of the guitar rack.

3. Size

A guitar rack three feet long can get you enough space for three guitars, but if you want to place guitars at a distance to each other, then you should check for long sizes. Five feet long guitar racks allow you to place five guitars or more. The gap between each guitar is not that important because they are not moving at all, so they won’t scratch. But for extra safety, you can go with better sizes as per the need.

4. Soft Foam

Even though you get a sturdy guitar rack, having no protective layer on the guitar rack can damage the paint of the guitar. Due to this, manufacturers use foam around the pipes to protect scratches. Poor quality guitar rack has issues with the foam as it starts tearing apart. Due to this, always choose a premium quality guitar rack for great use. There is an option between the protective layers that you can consider as if you have a higher budget. 

5. Reviews

Having doubt regarding the right guitar rack is common due to the variety, but if you still feel confused, look for customer feedback and rating. No doubt that rating might be misleading, but reviews from genuine buyers can get you a clear idea of the right product. Compare the best product and check reviews to finalize the best one by this method. Make sure that you choose reputed brands to avoid getting a poor-quality product.