Seven of India and Sri Lanka’s top and luxury safari lodges.

Few people realize that some of the top wildlife places in the world are in the Indian subcontinent. A luxurious safari to India and Sri Lanka would fascinate even the most experienced fans, from elephants to bears to leopards to tigers and a variety of unusual birds. Getting as near as possible to nature and living in a luxurious safari lodge or campsite is the best way to make the most of your environment. Here are our picks for India and Sri Lanka’s greatest and most luxurious safari lodges:

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Sher Bagh, India

Step back in time to the glorious days of the royal hunting trip in the 1920s. The camp’s location near Ranthambore means that you have a decent opportunity of vision in the wild of a spectacular Bengal beauty. Larger tents in the suite overlook magnificent green gardens, and you will be covered with sumptuous white linen modeled on the safari quarters that the princes of the time enjoy. This camp all remembers the colonial age: ancient wooden light, an antique desk full of ticks, rainfall showers, and stylish cube accessories. The bathrooms are all about this Safari camp.

Kumana Mobile Tented Camp, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for its boutique hotels and gorgeous sandy beaches, but few people know that it boasts the best wilderness of Asia and is home to the Big Five of Sri Lanka (blue whale, sperm whale, leopards, elephants, and sloth bears). Our favorite hidden gem in Sri Lanka is the Kumana Mobile Tented Camp, offering the best wildlife experience for anybody on these islands. It’s a simple yet fantastic mobile tent, and nothing tops it for close wildlife meetings. But the best part about the unique camp is that you will be looked after by the top wildlife experts in the field, who know the park inside out and are great fun, charming, and highly passionate about what they do. One of them is the former park warden who has worked and lived in the park for almost forty years — it simply couldn’t get much better!

Banjaar Tola, Central India

Banjaar Tola is on the banks of the river Banjaar and the Kanha national parks. With 750 square miles of unspoiled wilderness, Kanha national park is one of the largest and best-maintained national parks in India. It is one of the first tiger reserves to conserve tigers and their habitats. Here tourists are encouraged to stay in one of two magnificent camps, each with 9 magnificent tented apartments, built of bamboo floors, toilet roofs, and glass doors leading to the river and jungle views.

Aman-I-Khas, India

This unique oasis of luxury stands on the edge of the huge, rough, and battered terrain of the Ranthambore National Park. Aman-I- Khas evokes a beautiful Mughal style with luxury and airy rooms, divided by white cotton clothes, where Macha-Ajs hunting parties have a rich history. Enjoy exploring the prime tiger area in the sun-blown brushwood forest, while in the evening you will unwind and discuss the animal sights of the day over a common hearth. The camper’s philosophy is to ensure a natural, peaceful and pleasant setting.

Tamara Coorg, India

The Tamara Resort Coorg also adds to the list of Coorg’s greatest luxury resorts. Spread throughout the luxury green area of the city, The Tamara is equipped with some of the most fanciful modern decorations that provide an entirely tropical atmosphere. Your home is premium and virtually perfect if you wish to relax in the lap of luxury and nature from your busy routine. It’s happy and certainly really enjoyable. The environment is likewise incredibly luxuriant with foliage. They have excellent luxury cottages and cottages, which meet guests’ needs. Be sure to have a fantastic experience here because you have some of the greatest amenities.

Chena Huts, Sri Lanka

Chena Huts boutique is located deep in southern Sri Lanka, hidden between the dunes of the ocean on the west boundary of Yala National Park. So dubbed after the rustic farmhouses in Tissamaharama and the surrounding area utilized by local farmers, these “huts” are not very humble farmhouses. More defined as luxury pavilions, the 14 isolated cottages, each with its own private swimming pool, have a modern design and provide the best view of the surrounding wilderness and the sea. The west of Yala National Park is one of the few sites in Sri Lanka where a leopard, either magnificently walking by the way or lazily lined in the treetops, is relatively easy to sight. You can walk up to the beach while you are not looking for leopards, where you might be happy to have a sight of the elephants that refresh in waves and the turtles that lay their eggs by moonlight.

Samode Safari Lodge, Central India

Experience the wildest depths of the forest at the wonderful Samode Safari Lodge at the edge of Bandhavgarh National Park is completely sustainable luxury. The lodge is entirely eco-tourist based on natural and local resources built using traditional handmade bricks and embellished with regional art. It is entirely eco-tourist. This remarkable resort has become a pioneer of luxurious wilderness tourism in India: the magnificent private villas with the most sustainable opulence, the unique outdoor courtyard, and private verandas with amazing views of the jungle.

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