Solar Impact Investment Fund- A Positive Step Towards Sustainable Future

Energy is something that powers our daily life. Starting from the appliances at home to machinery types at factories and commercial establishments, energy keeps them running. The advancement in technologies has brought us prosperity but has also taken a toll on the earth’s health. People have started realizing that it is vital to protect the earth, and hence the focus has shifted to the use of renewable energies for powering our world. The use of renewable energy has increased significantly in the last decade, and the demand for the same is expected to multiply in the coming years.

With the increase in the demand for renewable energy, several firms providing services and investment assistance in solar energy have come up. Since solar energy is the largest and most efficient source of renewable energy, it offers multiple investment options for the corporates and investors willing to invest in renewable energy. There are firms which provide solar impact investment fund for investors to invest in this domain. Some of the solar impact investment fund opportunities are explained below:

  • Power purchase agreement: The prime benefit of this segment is that it helps the establishments to reduce the energy bill and at the same time, reduce the carbon footprint. It also doesn’t require any maintenance. It is an agreement that promises to buy the electricity generated from an onsite energy system. The product typically includes solar pv , battery storage, combined heat and power and Power factor correction. The design, fund, installation, operation and maintenance are taken care by the firm offering the contract. This will ensure the supply of energy to the site and an annual output is guaranteed and after the completion of the mentioned period, it is transferred to the customer without taking any other cost.
  • Private Network micro grid: There are firms which operate embedded networks and off grid micro grids in large industrial parks, building with multiple tenants and community centers. The firms offer centralized and collective management of energy, technology and resources. Landlords can benefit from this project in terms of roof rentals and free site up-gradation, and tenants benefit from low cost power supply. The key benefit of this plan is that landlords can earn good benefits without capital investments and benefit the environment.
  • Roof rental: Owners of large commercial spaces like shopping malls, business parks, industrial sheds, etc. can benefit from the roof rental offered to them against solar energy systems. The firms offering these services will evaluate the site and notify the owner about the rental they are eligible for.

Investment in solar energy can be profitable shortly. With the increase in awareness for the environment and the business opportunities in this sector, many players are coming up with investment plans. The best time to invest in this renewable energy is now.

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