We all know that Wi-fi spots are usually and generally available right there at the shopping malls and also at airports and restaurants.

Furthermore, these spots are commonly seen in the libraries and coffee shops and too at public transport sites.

You might be wondering which tips to follow regarding staying safe on public Wi-Fi spots, here you can check out that!

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Do verify the network that you are using

If you are using a Wi-Fi spot and you want to keep your data secure from hackers, then make sure to verify the network details that you are using. Moreover, whatever network you are using, you need to configure it and turn off its sharing mode.

Hackers are always smart and clever, so avoid giving them a chance to hack and steal your data. This is the possible tip that you can follow if you often use Wi-Fi spots in public sites.

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This practice is opted by hackers that they set up and make fake networks and in return, they steal your important personal information. Hence, turn off the sharing preferences of your network and safely use the internet in public places having Wi-Fi service.

Always make use of a virtual private network VPN

The second tip that you can follow to make the safest use of Wi-Fi public spots, it is to always make use of virtual private networks. This is the secure option that you can go for.

With the help of this network, your information and data are going to remain secure whenever you are going to log into the Wi-Fi public networks.

It is these VPNs that manage to encrypt all of your data traffic and this approach successfully comes in the form of a protected tunnel.

Using these networks are going to mask and veil your IP address right with their own IP address.

It is advised to avoid using free VPNs because it is seen that they are less secure. What you can do is to use those VPNs that are paid ones.

Such paid and premium networks give additional security to your personal and important data.

Look for HTTPS

If any user is not availing these virtual private networks while he or she is at the Wi-Fi public spots, then it is suggested to him to use HTTPS for sure.

At times, you may not have full access to a VPN, so the alternative for you is to look for HTTPS.

This element is present in the beginning section of any website’s address.

Moreover, this element tells you that your connection existing between the browser and also the web browser is fully and thoroughly encrypted.

With the correct use of HTTPS, all your data will remain safe and it is going to remain protected from any sort of eavesdropping and even tampering.

We have seen that a large number of browsers are included and packed with a padlock symbol right at the beginning section of their address just to indicate that their website uses an encryption approach.

Keep and maintain your Firewall fully enabled

Those who frequently use Wi-Fi public spots, they need to be very careful because there is a high risk that your personal data may get hacked.

The recommended solution for you is to keep your firewall all and wholly enabled. Besides, turning on this feature of a firewall, you can easily prevent hackers’ if they are getting illegal and unauthorized external access right to your computer system

Indeed, enabling a firewall is not going to give full-proof protection to your data but it can at least keep you in the safe zone.

Thus, we have commonly noticed that the firewall element acts in the form of a barrier and it is here to protect and secure your device from any of the data-based malware threats.

Most importantly, with the help of this tip, you can actively monitor and keep an eye on your data packets and if any malicious data packet attacks it, then it is going to surely get blocked by the firewall.

Regularly use anti-virus

If you suspect and doubt that your data is not secured during Wi-Fi spots sites, then it is constantly suggested to run anti-virus software programs on your computer.

By doing so, you can easily protect your data whenever you are using this public Wi-Fi system.

Furthermore, you need to use and run the latest versions of any version of the antivirus program.

Just install and keep it in your system and run it anytime you want to. These programs make sure that none of the suspicious activities run on your system.

In addition, these anti-virus options keep your PC protected from malicious attacks.

More tips and suggestions for Staying Safe On Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Below you can see more of the tips that can help you in illustrating how one can keep their data and personal information safe if using public Wi-Fi spots:

You need to turn off all of the automatic connections. This is an important step that you have to carry out.

Besides, you should use 2-factor authentications, by doing so, a hacker is going to access your username and password but he will not be able to get access to any of your accounts.

You should never and ever run any of the financial transactions if using Wi-Fi public networks.


So, what’s the bottom line? It is important for you to never avoid and disregard the security and safety aspect of your important data.

If using Wi-Fi public spots, then follow these tips and never lose and handover your data to any hackers!

You need to understand that digital security has become the need of the time. These Wi-Fi public spots come with many risks, so carefully use this internet connection service.

Keep tuned with us as more tips on staying safe on public Wi-Fi spots are going to be shared with you.

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