Top Sweet Dishes That You Definitely Should Try!

When it comes to ending the meal, what could possibly the best way than having a perfect appealing DESSERT! It is rightly said that happiness begins with desserts. There’s a large variety of desserts out there that you’d definitely not want to miss out on. Here’s a list of some top elegant, delicious, mouth-watering, exquisite sweet dishes which would make you and your meal complete.

  1. 1.  Cupcakes

The first dessert on the list is cupcakes. They are small, cute little cakes baked in cup-shaped foils which is why they are called so. They come in various flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and many more. ‘The Cupcake Room’ has a huge variety of flavors of cupcakes, you can give it a try. It’s not wrong when people say you can’t be sad when you’re holding a cupcake.

2. Tiramisu

Next, up on the list is Tiramisu (meaning ‘cheer me up’ or ‘pick me up’) which is a famous Italian dessert known for its rich, traditional flavor. This coffee-flavored dessert is made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, further covered with a mixture of whipped eggs, sugar, and a special type of cheese( i.e. mascarpone cheese), flavored with cocoa.

3. Mousse

Next up on the list is Mousse. One thing about is they can be sweet as well as savory. Basic Mousses are generally made up of whipped egg whites, whipped cream, and the savory mousses can be made from vegetable, meat, shellfish, and many other things. Mousses are of a lot of types like Chocolate Banana Mousse, Blackberry cheesecake Mousse, Coconut mousse, and many more.

4. Pancakes

Up next we have pancakes which are really delicious, and have a quick and easy recipe. These tasty flat cakes are topped with some maple syrup and butter and can be served with bacon, toast, or a sausage. There is even a “Pancake Day” which is celebrated in many countries across the world, fun fact to know right?

5. Apple Pie

Another yummy, finger-licking, flavorous dessert is England originated Apple Pie. It is even considered as a state dish in Vermont. With the buttery crust, fruit juices on the side, and stuffed apples, an apple pie can be served with ice cream or cheddar cheese on top

6. Cheesecake

Cheesecake with its rich flavors is  New york’s official dessert. Cheesecakes are made up of pure cream cheese, cream, eggs, and sugar and can be topped with anything like nuts, strawberries, or syrups. With its soft and sweet cheese and flavorings, this sweet dish no doubt holds a special place in everybody’s hearts.

7. Chocolate Pudding

It’s probably not wrong to mention the fact that any dessert which consists of chocolate can never be bad or not so tasty. I mean c’mon when a dish has chocolate as an ingredient you don’t need to think even for once about its taste, it is surely going to be tasty as hell.

The chocolate pudding is not only delightful but also quick and easy to make. All you have to do is whip some common pantry ingredients and boom!! There you go!

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