Vastu Shastra: clean up and give your home and life a fresh breath

Where we live and how we feel is a basic prerequisite for becoming happier and more successful. The basic principle of learning in Vastu Shastra is to live primarily in harmony with our environment. Basically, it is about achieving a balance not only in living, but also in the work space, and thus use the potential in our lives. Vastu Shastra could be translated as “science of architecture”. 

Basic principles of Vastu Shastra

One of the most basic rules is cleansing. And not only mental but also spatial. The basis of all changes should be cleaning, getting rid of old, unnecessary or non-functional things, which not only take up space for us, but also dust them. For us, these things often stagnate and block our energy, which cannot enter the next phase of life. So remove everything unnecessary. Not only things from your wardrobe, but also from your apartment. According to Vastu consultant in Ludhiana, the space in which we live is dedicated to relationships and love. When you make a change in your life – you also show strength, energy and participate in the further development of life. By pointing out and removing problem areas in our home, garden or immediate surroundings, we will balance the so-called energy flow that will affect our lives.

Ventilate your wardrobe

The first experts recommend starting in our closets and wardrobe. Deliberately try to pin all things in your home fashion boutique that you haven’t pulled out of the closet last year. If you find pieces that you haven’t worn for more than two years, mark them. What you haven’t worn in a year, you will probably never wear again. However, if you still have a hard time saying goodbye to some outfits, first try to get rid of the things that lie in your closet unnoticed for several years, Also Read: cleaning services company.

Unsuitable gifts

Another source of often surplus things are gifts that we receive from our loved ones or friends. However, it does not always suit our taste and we do not always use these often and valuable gifts. And so it just lies at home. You might say that you can’t get rid of gifts because you got them. But it is important to think about whether we really need these things for our lives. So try to dedicate all things that have not been used for a long time to someone else or simply get rid of them. You don’t have to tell anyone that you just gave his gift to someone else.

Broken and broken things

Broken things often break and deplete our energy but also the energy of the environment in which we live. So try to collect things at home that you need to fix or they no longer work. What we want to keep and it can be fixed will pay off. However, what to hide things that are already written off? All broken electrical appliances, radios, irons, computers and other things do not have to lie in the dust at home, but just take them to the dump and you’re taken care of, according to Ludhiana astrologer. These things not only block our energy, but also hinder us in our further development.

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