What is the new points-based immigration system?

According to a Mint report, published in Sept 2019, the Indian Diaspora accounts to 17.5Mn in the world. India is one of the developing countries and one of the many countries that have citizens migrating to developed countries, adding to the Diaspora. But what is it that these developed countries have that countries like India fail to provide to its citizens?? In Economics, the gap between the “haves” and the “have not “helps in defining the economic situation of a country. The concept also seems to be applying here. What the developing countries lack is the opportunity or a safe working environment, or better living conditions, something that the developed countries already have. Apart from better opportunity and a better governance system, the developed countries also provide better health care services as well, which plays a crucial role while making this decision. There are several factors at hand which give the developed countries an upper hand over the developing countries. However, what they lack is the skilled manpower in abundance.

While it is certainly easy to come up with the idea of moving to another country, the process following that idea is certainly not. There are multiple things which one needs to consider before making this big move. Since the laws in the countries differ, their immigration policies will also be different. First and foremost the decision has to be made in regards to the place where you wish to settle or go for work. Once that is decided, it is advisable to find out about the laws that are in place for immigrants. For instance, if your desired place of work is the United Kingdom, it is of extreme importance to know the new rules that have been set in place after the Brexit deal that has been signed between the UK and the European Union. The Brexit deal has restricted the free movement between the UK and the European Union. The Brexit deal has also introduced new laws for the immigrants as well along with the EU nationals. The EU nationals have now been placed under the global points-based immigration system, and will also require a visa to work in the United Kingdom.

The new point-based system will provide flexibility to employers in the UK, along with this, the minimum salary levels have been further brought down. The general visa category has been rebranded as a Skilled Worker Route visa. To get more information on the subject matter, it is advisable to get in touch with an immigration solicitors in the UK, to get more information on the subject matter. Under the new points-based system, anyone who wishes to work in the United Kingdom will have to meet a specific set of regulations. The prospective candidates will be given points and the visa will be provided to those, who score enough points.

Under the skilled worker route, those eligible under SPONSOR LICENCE, will also see some relief, as the rules of not coming back to the United Kingdom for a year, after being sponsored, has been revised. While it all seems easy, it can prove tricky if you are unaware of the legal complexities, thus it is crucial to have complete information, with the help of someone who is well versed, and in this case, an immigration lawyer in the UK.

The employers in the UK who wish to hire employees outside of the country will need to have a sponsor licence and can do so under the skilled worker route. But how do you find out whether you are eligible for a SPONSOR LICENCE? An immigration lawyer in the UK will be the best person to help you to clarify this.

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