Where you can use the Barcodes in Daily Life?

When you go to the supermarket or buy products from the grocery store, you will often see symbols lined with black lines of different sizes parallel on a white background with a number indicated below. That is the barcode, also known as the Product barcode. So what is the specific barcode? Why are they printed on the packaging of household products? What types of bar codes are commonly used in Vietnam? Is there any way to read the barcode? All of the above questions will be answered through the following synthesis article.

Barcode (also known as bar code) is a method of representing data, information in the form of images. Barcodes were first known by two American inventors, Norman J. Woodland and Bernard Silver in 1952 (the time they were granted a patent for their research on the method of classifying goods and products). Since then, barcodes have become an effective tool for manufacturers to express product information such as brand name, location, shipment, product size, inspection information. ..

How is Barcode applied in everyday life?

Barcode is widely used in life with many different purposes. In this article, will learn with you how we use barcodes to quickly and conveniently solve life problems.

In goods classification and warehouse management

We can think of a barcode as a “identity card” for each type of goods or product. Previously, when there was no barcode, one had to enter information about the product’s attributes (such as size, color, brand, origin…) manually to distinguish and perform work storage. When the bar code appears, the warehouse unit only needs a barcode reader connected to the warehouse management system to classify goods and serve the import and export of products.

The first step to distinguish real and fake goods

With an identification image and a series of identifiers, warehouse managers can completely quickly check the origin of the product, from which, initially identify the goods they have imported as real or fake. Before, when there was no barcode scanner, we compared the barcode with the standard barcode system table to check the origin of the product. With the appearance of barcode reader, inspection job becomes much simpler and faster.

Consumers can also check the origin of the product when buying by software or app to read bar codes on mobile devices. This helps you discover whether the goods you bought are genuine or not.

In payments and purchases

Many supermarkets and convenience stores have used barcode readers to shorten the payment process for products to customers, and at the same time enter transaction information into their sales administration system. This helps businesses save operating costs, improve management efficiency and step by step professionalize their business operations.

Popular types of barcodes

Many businesses and manufacturers use many different types of bar codes on products depending on the purpose, information capacity as well as the encoded information format. The barcode formats we often encounter can be mentioned as UPC, or EAN.

UPC barcode is an encoded symbol format commonly used in the US, Canada and a few other countries around the world. 

EAN is a symbology similar in appearance to UPC with the bar code part and the numerical part.

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