A Harmonious Life by Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that allows you to boost the positive energy of the room and thus reduce the negative. It is based on Vedic, which is intertwined with science such as architecture.

To check your site and determine which area is located, you should use the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. Plan your apartment and paint the exact arrangement of the furniture. Write the design in a square or rectangle.
  2. Find the center of the apartment where you want to plant roses. Get help from the Vastu consultant in Ludhiana. Rotate the design so that the north is on top of it and rewrite the design in a square whose sides should match the main points.
  3. Divide the whole shape into 9 similar parts, see the picture.
  4. The places where the lines intersect with the apartment plan are called Marme points and there should be no furniture in them. The interior, which is located between the points – Brahmastan, should also be free.

How to analyze in an apartment according to Vastu Shastra?

Now you need to understand what each section is called and what it means:

  1. North is Mercury. Department responsible for trade, education and wealth. It is better to put mirrors and dishes with water here. An ideal place to keep your money.
  2. Northeast – Jupiter. Area of ​​spirituality, luck and health. This part contains positive energy. It is better to place icons, various switches and huge furniture in this place. When using the Vastu Shastra to analyze your home, it should be noted that this area is ideal for meditation.
  3. East is the sun. In this section, you can reveal the inner “I”. Rest and meditation are recommended here. If there are windows in this area, you should keep them open regularly.
  4. Southeast – Venus area of ​​romance, family and harmony. In this space, it is recommended to place objects that are related to romantic relationships, for example, scented candles, various decorations, etc.
  5. South – Mars. Fire energy prevails in this area, so the place is ideal for a fireplace and candle. Beautiful area for the kitchen, but it is better not to put the bathroom.
  6. Southwest – Raho. This area has the most negative energy. Place heavy furniture and massive objects here. This is also a dark area.
  7. West – Saturn. This territory is responsible for education and responsibility. It’s worth it to put every storage and dining table here.
  8. Northwest – Moon. In this area, according to Vastu Shastra, anything but a bedroom can exist. It is recommended to place a symbol of the Mother of God next to the baby in this section.

Vastu principles for building and planning houses. Everything should be discussed with the best astrologer in Ludhiana. Designs and photos of houses, made according to the principles of the middle.

The world is woven of shaky energy and unstable universal laws. Everybody and form of life has its own purpose, interacts and exchanges the flow of invisible energy.

The ancient civilizations before us knew these laws of the world and skillfully used them to harmonize their lives. In India, 5,000 years ago, people built countries, cities, houses, and arranged furniture and other objects in rooms in pursuit of the science of space. For example, Taj Mahal is still amazed by its beauty and architecture. But this building was built according to the rules of Vastu Shastra. 

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