During ancient times when there were no options for choosing fancy gifts such as cards, chocolates, toys, photo frames, etc. People used to send flowers to mumbai for the purpose of fulfillment of gifts. Today we have our mobile phones, laptops, tablets and most importantly the internet. These modern means of communication have made it much easier for us to establish and maintain contact with several people. But have you ever wondered what could be the possible method of expressing emotions prior to the advent of technology? We all are familiar with the exchange of letters between lovers and family members living far away from each other but the introduction of letters also took place after a long time. So prior to the papers or the letters, what people used to convey their emotions through were flowers. Flowers of different kinds and also in different numbers were given to convey different pieces of information. Flowers are very interesting creatures. They have got so many facts and myths attached to them. Based on these myths or stories, flowers are believed to be the carriers of different messages. Giving a flower can help you to speak thousands of words without even saying a word. Let us look at some flowers and get to know some interesting facts about what these flowers indicate.


Belonging to the buttercups, the anemones are bright-colored flowers that are usually associated with a sense of anticipation. The Victorians believed that these flowers are a Mark of fragility, while the Greeks believe that anemones are used for indicating death. These beautiful flowers are often used to decorate aquariums. These flowers are offered to remind a person to enjoy the bounties of their life.


Resembling the carnations, Baby’s breath or the gypsophila has been named so because of it being widely used in ceremonies of baby showers. They bloom in pink, burgundy and purple colors and are associated with compassion, sincerity and innocence. These flowers are mostly used for ornamental purposes. The petals of these flowers are in the shape of a cup. They are widely used by the shampoo industry as well.


Blooming across more than twenty thousand different species, orchids have always found their association with elegance. You can give an orchid flower bouquet to someone to start a fresh beginning with them. Orchids are exotic blooms that are correlated with boldness and pride. Orchids are blessed with heart-winning fragrances. Therefore, different varieties of orchids are used in making perfumes.

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Bright yellow blooms of daffodils start blooming right from the onset of spring. Watching a field with lovely blooms of daffodils indicates that the winter has gone. Petals of these vibrant blooms look like trumpets. Besides yellow, they can bloom in white, pink and pastel yellow color as well. Daffodils are given to indicate a new beginning. They stand for renewal, creativity and vitality. Daffodils have been connected with Greek God Narcissus as well.


Zinnias are offered to celebrate the longevity of relationships. Being well renowned as symbols of endurance, these flowers are for remembrance. The dome-shaped petals of zinnias can be red, yellow, lilac, purple, or orange. They start blooming in hot weather and have the ability to withstand frost as well. It is for this endurance of these flowers that they are offered for strengthening the bonds of friendship.


If you want to wish good health for someone in your family. You may choose to give them pansies. Pansies have always been a symbol of freedom of thought. They are offered to express our care for others. These sweet-smelling flowers are also the birth flower for those people who are born during the second month of the year.

Flowers are magical creatures that can be found anywhere. Flowers continue to bloom despite harsh weather conditions. They are a perfect offering to uplift our mood. You can send bouquet of flower delivery in indore to your dear ones to wish them on their achievements. White flowers come across as being a subtle choice of gift. They are neither too bright nor loud in their appearance nor very dull. They evoke a soothing sensation in the recipient’s heart.

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