Aquarium maintenance: here’s everything you need to know

Aquarium maintenance

The aquarium maintenance, guidance on what needs to be done on a daily/weekly and monthly basis in order to have a spa from every point of view of healthy and without problems.Raise your hand if you do not want a beautiful aquarium in your home and without many problems

Daily aquarium maintenance

There are a number of small operations that must be performed daily for an aquarium to be healthy. Make sure the equipment is working properly. Check the water outlet from the filter, if the heater is working and that the light is not flickering.

Watch your fish as you feed them. The behavioral changes are a good indicator of a potential problem.

Count your fish . In the event of a fish dying, smaller species can decompose rapidly, causing ammonia and nitrite spikes and eventually high nitrate levels, becoming a possible problem for other fish in the tank.

Weekly / biweekly aquarium maintenance

Not just daily, an aquarium needs a series of operations on a weekly / biweekly basis to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Test your aquarium water with reagent tests. The most important tests to perform are on pH, carbonate hardness, nitrites and nitrates.

Here is a fact sheet on the ideal values ​​of a freshwater aquarium.

Replace 20-30% of the water, depending on the fish you keep.

Monthly aquarium maintenance

At least once a month a series of procedures will have to be performed to make you feel comfortable, perhaps sitting on a sofa to fully enjoy your corner of nature at home.

Rinse, and in case of prolonged use replace the filter inserts (cartridges, sponges and perlon wool) with the water extracted from the tank during a change.

Carefully inspect pipes, connections, skimmers and other mechanical parts for their proper functioning. Check the expiration dates printed on the boxes and bottles of the aquarium products you use. Do not use them if they have expired. For example, expired tests could give you incorrect readings, causing you to do something that could damage the life cycle of the aquarium.

Aquarium maintenance:

Marine aquarium maintenance, an indispensable routine as much as feeding the fish. A thriving marine aquarium is a spectacle of beauty and joy for our eyes… As long as the water remains in the tank it belongs to! While most aquariums manufactured today to guarantee a high level of quality craftsmanship and will provide many years of reliable service, leaks, or even worse, floods, can still occur. So what can you do to minimize the risk of turning that expensive hardwood floor into dry, swollen wood, or turning your living room into a bathtub.

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