Categories of Portable Indoor & Outdoor Mini Fridge

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Mini fridge is one of the useful items when you plan to drive a far-off location in your car. It is perfect portable item that keeps the beverages and food cool for great time period. Even if you are working in office, keep your home cooked food and healthy drinks to get required energy throughout the day. While selecting handy small size fridge, refer Ubuy discount code Kuwait to enjoy maximum markdown on your online shopping.

Types of Mini Fridge

Portable fridge is available in various price range, models and types. If you are getting hesitant how to pick the right portable fridge, consider the features of different transportable fridges to choose the one that meet your needs.

  • Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

It is the simplest form of mini fridge. It is capable to keep the drinks as well as food cool down below 20 C. Different sizes are accessible to meet your space need. The drawback of this portable fridge is consuming more time to cool the food items. If you have made up mind to pick thermoelectric fridge, either keep previously chilled food items or wait for a few hours to enjoy chill beverage. Moreover, there is no temperature controller in this portable fridge.

  • Small Size Compressor Fridge

It is as effective as regular fridge, present in kitchen. You can keep more than 65 gallons water in compressor fridge and the powerful cooling system keep the drinks chilled for hours. As compared to thermoelectric fridge, it takes less time to cool and consume less energy for operating the system. The price of this mini fridge is more than thermoelectric version. Receive Ubuy discount code Kuwait to order portable fridge of your choice on economical rate.

As far as the downsides are concerned, you need handsome place to keep this fridge. It is possible to keep a lot of things in this fridge, but it consumes considerable space in car as well as office. Due to large size, it is heavy and uneasy to carry from one place to another.

  • Portable Absorption Fridge

As compared to other types, it is an efficient version as it is capable to work on electricity as well as gas. It is noiseless and demands no hard and fast power requirements. It is the reason;it is the best in-car fridge. For camping or picnic, you can operate the fridge through a network or the vehicle AC outlet.

  • Isothermal Bags

It is an economical way to maintain food and drinks cool. Isothermal layer is installed in a bag to retain the heat outside. It does not require electricity. You need a cold accumulator to maintain the temperature.

Keep the best possible balance between space and energy effectiveness. Large size is recommended if you need to use the portable fridge for trip. Smallest size is preferable if your requirement is to store a few sandwiches and a bottle of water. In short, there are different categories of mini fridge and the right one depends on your needs. Mention ubuy discount code Kuwait to get a touch screen cooling system of your choice within budget.

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