Which is the best trimmer in India?

No one will overlook the grooming process because it affects how a person looks. That’s why people get a trimmer to be the best version of themselves. Even though hundreds of trimmers are available in the market, choosing one for you is not that simple. Without further ado, let’s jump right in! You need to consider the below factors first before you start your trimmer hunt.


A brand name speaks volumes about the product itself. Some brands have been in this field for a long time, while some just came a few months back. That’s why it is necessary to get familiar with the best brands before you start your search.

Corded and cordless

This factor depends purely on your preferences, like how you like to use them. In corded type, the power cord remains attached to the trimmer’s body when you use it. So, you need to be a power outlet to use this trimmer. On the other hand, you don’t need to stay near a power outlet using a cordless trimmer because it has a battery inside it. With that being said, corded trimmers last longer than cordless types. In the end, it is you who should decide which is the right thing for you.

Material of the blade

The efficiency of a trimmer depends on its blade. And for a blade to effectively cut the hair, its material plays an important role. If you want a long-lasting blade that will not rust, then go for stainless steel. Or, if you want more precision from the blades, then a carbon steel blade is the right choice for you. Also, you can go for titanium blades or ceramic blades, which are on par with the other types.

Build quality

It doesn’t matter what type of trimmer you get. If the build quality of the trimmer is not good, then it can become a waste of money. Preferably, a stainless steel body will last you for years to come.

Battery life

A trimming session can take place between 15 to 60 mins. So, the battery life should last for 4 to 5 hours after a full charge. Some models have fast charging options that will allow you to do a quick trim with a 10-15 mins charge.

Level settings

You can adjust the settings to cut the desired length of hair. Of course, not all models allow their users to change the length. Again, this is a factor that you should consider depending on how you want to use your trimmer. Whether you want a clean shave or quirky cut, choose a trimmer that will help you to get the desired look.

Before you go

Hope these little tips help you out. Not all trimmers are the same. The best trimmer in india actually depends on your needs and preferences. First, analyze what look you want and then research to find the best one out there.

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