Fabrication Is Done Simply! Visit These Shops To Get Your Metal Fabricated

Sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia are the talk of the town.

Metal sheet processing, often known as customized or precise metal sheet fabrication, is the method of changing flat corrugated sheets such as steel into required results.

For sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia, knowing about it is important. When sheet metal fabrication is done, many ideas are involved in this process. One might be an architect or an engineer who is requesting such shapes. It might probably be for construction or the manufacture of precision machines. This is where the precision of these tools comes into play. One mistake in the raw product and the final product reaches a state of no return. The companies that perform sheet metal fabrication need to be very careful about the metal they are processing, the type of chemicals they are using, and the overall technique that is being applied.

While certain materials are soft and hard to affect, some are very hard and require specialized service.

Any design can indeed be bent, folded, or carved out of a metal sheet. The procedure is somewhat complicated to improve the quality of work, and the correct structural steel fabricating equipment and procedures are required.

Processes involved:

● Forming

● Cutting

● Joining

● Press break

● Turret punch

● Metal stamping

Major processes

Turret punch

A turret punch works to punch a hole in a metallic sheet. It can also be applied to drill holes in the material of various diameters. CNC turret punch motions are extremely precise because they are controlled by pre-programmed soft coding.

  • Metal Stamping

Molding of metals can be done by shaping flat metal sheets into different conformations. Punching, folding, and blanking are some of the lead to developing techniques used in this procedure.

  • Press Brake

The metallic sheet is bent into the particular dimensions using our press brake equipment. Pinching the material between a hammer and a plate accomplishes this.


Sheet metal fabrication includes processes like modification of plain sheets of metal. It can be used to mold metal sheets into desired shapes and structures. The processes used are molding, punching, and shaping. The raw material is added with Chemicals to soften it. It is then laid out into sheets that are then punched into required structures. Fabrication of sheet metal is a great concept and has a lot of scope for research purpose.


Many companies do these processes, but Malaysian companies have a greater quality.

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