Five Ways to Use Satin Ribbon in Crafting

Satin ribbon, one of the most sensual fabrics to use, is more versatile than many artisans know. It has recently been a popular medium for various types of jewellery and other craft projects, some of which we will discuss for you in this post. It is helpful for far more than just wrapping around presents, party favors, and diaper cakes. Here are five ways to use satin ribbon in crafting:

Hair Bows

Making your hair bows with satin ribbon is a timeless project that has endured the test of time, and it’s a terrific way to experiment with different craft materials. For this project, you’ll need craft glue and basic barrettes, as well as ribbons of any height and breadth. Tying medium and enormous ribbons into bows for the regular hair bow before affix them to the barrettes. Charms, wooden beads, crystals, and rhinestones can all be added for more glam. Another interesting approach is to crochet the ribbons like yarn and drapes multiple chains of various colors for a fashionable look.

Handmade beads

Making your beads is another fun activity that you can do with any length of satin ribbon. You may produce beads of any shape by winding the ribbon around an object using a procedure similar to forging beads out of clay. A toothpick, fireplace matchstick, or pencil are required, as well as a length of ribbon, preferably of small width, craft glue, and a toothpick, fireplace matchstick, or pencil.

 The size of the hole in a bead will determine the stick you use. Use a toothpick for small gauge holes, a matchstick for medium gauge holes, and a pencil for larger gauge holes. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the project and use the craft glue to secure the finishing end.


The classic Victorian style choker has to be one of the easiest jewelry projects you can make with satin ribbon. You can tie the ends to finish it or use a chosen type of clasp if it’s only a medium to large width ribbon and a cabochon. Use a cameo as the centrepiece and contrasting ribbon colour to set it off for a traditional look.

Handmade pendants

You can show off your crochet or weaving talents while making this jewelry accessory out of satin ribbon. Create the required shape with modest widths of ribbon and a crochet hook or jewelry loom. The wreath, heart, circle, square, and rectangle are all traditional favorites. Seed beads of various colors or tiny crystals can be woven into the mix to spice them up.

Multi-medium chains

Some jewelry makers like to recycle scraps from previous efforts, and ribbons can construct some lovely multi-medium chains. If you have small lengths of chain, use the satin ribbon to connect them and any stray beads or charms that don’t fit into the overall design.

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