Francisco Cortes: Synonym of Success in Media

Francisco Cortes is CEO & Chairman of Setroc Group, which is an award-winning multicultural marketing and PR agency that specializes in creative solutions. The Setroc Group not only believes in helping organizations and individuals grow but communities too. Driven by its success and promising services, the Setroc Group has worked with the world’s leading media companies, like ABC News, CNN Español, Associated Press, News Corporation, and many more.

Francisco is a pro media person with 20 plus years of experience in the broadcast community. He is an expert in various fields like public relations, advertising and marketing, photography, movie production, image layout and multi-cultural and network outreach, Leadership, Speaker/Panellist, Global Ambassador, Recruiting, Business Development, Community Engagement, Crisis Mitigation. Throughout his long professional career in media, he has changed how news and information engages and informs the public. He has brought a new revolution withinside the area of virtual media. He drove key innovation and programming tasks that contributed to the huge success and countless achievements of Fox News Channel/Fox Business Network and Fox News Latino. Francisco’s Fox News Channel journey has been commendable.

He is devoted to retaining the heartbeat of the Hispanic community. Francisco has led and mentored groups of award-prevailing reporters throughout his professional journey and continuing it. He is answerable for developing and increasing key partnerships; which includes new enterprise improvement and skills recruitment.


In his profession of almost two decades in the media, he has touched many milestones. Francisco and Fox’s news had been synonyms of each other. Apart from this, he has become the primary Hispanic Vice President withinside the company’s news division. He was also named in the “Top Young Latinos in American Newsrooms” with the aid of using the Huffington Post. He and his spouse Claribel Cortes, who is one of the founders of The Setroc Group are selected by ROI as ROI influencers: People of Color 2020. One of the state’s strength couples, they’re co-founders of a pinnacle advertising and marketing corporation that is developing in stature.

He is also named as a media influencer by the very famous and prestigious magazine named MY Lifestyle Magazine. Cortes is also providing his valuable services on various other posts like the Board of Directors for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Financial Officer of the organization. Francisco is likewise a proud U.S Army man and also a National Guard veteran. Francisco takes extraordinary pleasure in paying back to the nation and society. He also believes in mentorship. He desires to unfold his expertise and experience with the younger folks who aspire to succeed in the profession. He has traveled throughout the U.S and lots of different countries, he has been a lively speaker at countrywide and worldwide meetings and universities on different issues.

Francisco works very intently with leaders and corporations on diversity and inclusion tasks and has led numerous successful social obligation programs. He serves as the Executive Director of the International Congress of Media, a group that works intently with the United Nations. He also serves on the Corporate Advisory Board of the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (New Jersey) which represents almost 119,000 Hispanic-owned companies that make a contribution of over $20 Billion to the economy of the State. Additionally, he sits on the Community and Economic Development crew for the City of Paterson, New Jersey, and serves on the Latino Outreach committee for the State Theatre of New Jersey.

 Francisco Cortes‘s Fox News Channel journey is a result of his out of box approach. His recipe of success is innovation, commitment to ser, vice, and creative thinking.

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