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Fantasy Premier League is an excellent way of being involved with the football season. Also, it is an opportunity to show off rights over your mates. The official Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game rules are mostly straightforward and uncomplicated. Especially once you compare it with other fantasy football games. Yet, you still have to know them in-depth if you prefer to have the edge over your mini-league rivals. Whether you are playing for money, fun, or bragging rights, it’s always good to know the FPL rules. Thus, you can have fun with the game to the maximum. Yet, a lot of people also want to know How to Play Fantasy Premier League

The primary premise is that you have to handle a team of English Premier League players to gain many points.

Know how to register in Fantasy Premier League

You need first to register on the FPL site if you want to play Fantasy Premier League. Go over to the website and register your account by giving your email address. Establish a password and ensure to validate the email address you entered. Once you’re done setting up an account and selecting a team name, you can proceed to play.  

How to play the game

Fantasy Premier League is a game that sends you into the role of a Fantasy manager of a Premier League player. You must choose a squad of 15 players from the Premier League that score points for your team. Depending on their performances for their clubs in PL matches. Prices are provided to players based on the number of FPL points they are expected to deliver.

Selecting your team

Managers must pick a starting XI from their 15-man squad before the deadline of every Gameweek. Any formation can be selected as long as the line-up comprised one goalkeeper and at least 3 defenders. At least one forward and 2 midfielders. 90 minutes is the deadline before the kick-off time of the first match of the Gameweek. 

Scouring points

Points are rewarded to players for assists, goals, saves, and clean sheets. Players can receive bonus points if they are among the best performer in the BPS (Bonus Points System) in a match. The points of the team for the Gameweek will be scored by their 11 starting players. Yet, once a starting player does not feature for their club. The points scored by the 1st player on your bench will be counted instantly. A similar process exists once 2 or 3 starting players fail to exist for their teams. Managers must rank their replacement of preference. To make sure their main choice reserve player is first in line. Managers should select a captain and also a vice-captain for the Gameweek in their XI. 

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