How does the Party Address the issues faced by the people?

People of Assam are facing more difficulties in their daily life. The Congress party has decided to give them a perfect and effective solution. There are many faces of the problem which is seen in the people’s point of view. It is important to reach the people and release them from the stressful living.

How to Attend the contest?

The process is very simple to attend the contest. This type of innovative contest is very helpful for the people to live without any stress. Day by day there are some of the problems which are aroused and it can be addressed continuously and find the solution. To reach out the people for the best solution the Congress party came with an innovative Assam Bachao Campaign for addressing the difficulties of the people and it seems to be a good idea.

Congress came with the filming contest named “Assam Bachao” which is for the people in social media. Issues are more that is faced by the people. The Congress government party came with an idea to put a full stop to the people’s problem and it will be easy to know the major problems faced by the people. They also promised that they will definitely work on the issues of the people. 

How to Film the video effectively?

The Congress party campaign or the Assam Bachao Campaign will be more effective if they go with their words. The filming contest will be held for ten days until the mentioned end date. The leaders of the Congress party are working on this as normal individual to comfort the people and make them feel normal.There will be a great analysis about this contest and from the upcoming feedbacks based on the filming contest, they will start attacking the issues of the people stated in the two-minute video in a very good manner.

By this campaign, the party will come to know about the recent urgent problems to be implemented immediately and by this, the Congress party will act on it very soon. This step is considered as the first step by the Congress party to get their people out of the trouble. The manifesto of the Congress party will definitely offer great solutions for the problems faced by the people. The party also mentioned that these are the innovative steps of them which is helpful for many people in many different ways.

Final Verdict:

Everyone can participate in the Assam Bachao Campaign contest. The major problems that are faced by the people will come to an end by participating in this contest. It is only the two minutes video that should be effective. The short and crisp video must be uploaded addressing the exact issues. The campaign was held successfully by the Congress party for their goodness of the people. There are no limitations for the people to participate in the contest. It is very simple and anyone can do it if they are facing any of the difficult issues.

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